Lite Roast
CD 2014 Sammy Hagar with Vic Johnson

Liner Notes

LITE ROAST: The Acoustically Brewed New Album from SAMMY HAGAR with VIC JOHNSON

Release date: October 13, 2014


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Step One - Grind

Step Two - Brew

Step Three - Drink Up!


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Listen to the track "Dreams" exclusively at Ulitmate Classic Rock at


Personal Jesus

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Sammy Hagar - Lead Vocals

Vic Johnson - Guitar, Vocals
André Thierry - Accordion on Track 1 & 11

Engineered by Jaimeson Durr & Bob Daspit
Mixed & Mastered by Bob Daspit
Produced by Sammy Hagar, Vic Johnson, Bob Daspit & Jaimeson Durr

Management: Tom Consolo, TC Management
Business Management: Renata Ravina (Red Rocker Touring)
Digital Strategy & Album Design: Jon Luini, Chime Interactive
Cover photo: Arthur Rosato

Media contact:

Hannah Kampf (North America)

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 14 Redhead Comments

billerbab1's picture

Absolutely love Sammy, old and new, got a listen to this album and just love him even more. "The Love" is my ultimate recent favorite. My husband and I added this song to our romantic playlist.We dance to it all the time while hanging out. We are going to see the show in Cincinnati in August. I know that "The Love" is not part of the current tour set list, but it would mean so much to us if it were played as an exception. We are so excited to see the show, but to hear "The Love" would make it so much more magical. Fellow Sammy lovers, let me hear you. Yeah or near. Would this not be a great addition to the set list?

stewert14's picture


billybobindetroit's picture

Hello. I don't know if Sammy himself or his son Arron will read this. But I listened to the track (Who has the right). I thought wow. Would this make a great Anthem to people who feel the same way. Maybe make a differance if it was heard more?! How about getting together a bunch of people in the music industry to sing it together and make the world hear what it has to say? It might make a differance?! hats off guys! nice job! Peace and happy holidays everyone!!

Dr5150CO's picture

Love the Lite Roast versions of these tunes, but show some bonus track love to us RedHeads who bought this on Google Play.
Please don't make me buy it on iTunes.

NnitroJohn's picture

Love the tracks and the acoustic arrangements on this "Lite Roast" and the perfect name. It was great seeing you in Vegas. When will you be in San Bernardino next. I want my grandson's first concert to be your.

Stonebaldhead's picture

Sammy, thank you. I really appreciate the way you take care of your fans. We love you and your family.

And in the end, on Sammy we do depend, cause that's what rock n' roll is made of...

bfrank's picture


Saturday is almost here - Happy Birthday!!!!

Cabowbo's picture

Happy Birthday Sammy and thanks for an acoustic album - LOVE acoustic music - it so much more personal. Can't wait to see you Sat in Vegas. Hope you have some great fund raising ideas/events planned for all us Red Heads to donate to! We love our Cabo friends !!

music69's picture

Happy Rockin Birthday Sammy! I'm listening to your new CD right now.. You and Vic are awesome! So lovin this acoustic CD! Really want to see this live, just maybe one day! Best of luck with this I know it will do good because you put ur heart and soul in it!

derekm027's picture

Happy Birthday Sammy!!

Thanks for another great album - ordered mine today as a bday gift to me from you - CU in Canada (CABORONTO) SOON we hope or CU in CABO this Feb 2015 coming.

Thanks for always being so inspiring,you truly are one of a kind and an amazing human being for all you do on every level.

Chef Cabo

BogusOtis's picture

Happy Bday Sammy.
I bought your new CD as your Bday Present between us :)

stratman's picture

Sure was hoping for an option for an autographed copy either in the store, or maybe a drawing or something, but I guess it's not to be...

music69's picture

Pre-ordered both iTunes and Amazon!! October 13th can't come fast enough!
Sammy love the cover pic of u and Vic and awesome title "lite roast"

bigozzyfan's picture

Has this been released yet and if so where can I buy it?