2003 Sammy Hagar and The Wabos

Special Edition

Liner Notes

Sammy and the Waborita's at their best. Seeing and hearing them live is always better than their studio stuff. Sammy covers his whole career here, from Montrose, to solo, to Van Halen, and back to solo stuff with the Waboritas. Nice touch to include Michael Anthony on a few tracks. Very obvious that Sammy and his band are having a blast. You will not be disappointed with this [album]. ~ From Amazon Reviews

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This is amazing!

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You guys are definitely amazing. Do you have any album to be released this year?
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Love the music that you create, keep on rocking strong!

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quality and good music, rock is alive!

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that's great rock guys!

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I was at the show in MA when they recorded When its Love, with Gary Cherone. Killer show during the Sam and Dave Tour. Sam and the Wabos blew Dave off the stage and into another concert!!!

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Absolutely love this CD and is what a Rock and Roll Show is all about. Thankyou Sammy.

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If I could wear out a CD's, this would be one of them.

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A great live which i listen at work all the time great sound quality and a great set list. Rock on Sammy.

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A really well produced LIVE record for one of sammy's first since quiting v-h band.

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A must own on the DVD-Audio format. One the most dynamic and entertaining hi-rez discs in my collection. A must own!

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Outstanding show on Channel 101 from Minnesota! Mona rocked it!

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i realy 'd like to see the halelluja video that was on site...i tried already find on youtube ...but ...nothing ....