CD 2009 Chickenfoot


Liner Notes

The First Editions of the Chickenfoot CD & LP packages have been printed with a non-toxic Thermochromic ink. Simply, the ink reacts to heat and changes its appearance above and below 84ºF /29ºC. For example; If the package is at a general room temperature (around 73ºF) and is touched by a warm body part (above 84ºF) the ink will appear transparent at the point of contact. Once the surface of the ink returns to a cooler temperature (below 84ºF) it will return to its original opaque black color.

(Techie Fact) When you touch the thermo ink, you are literally moving millions of protons. This patented technology works by mastering the movement of a proton – essentially disconnecting and reattaching protons to turn colors “on" and "off".

The Thermochromic ink was utilized to make the album package look different at all times, depending on the room temperature or body contact, making every album cover unique. How you heat and cool the packaging is up to you, but please avoid the Microwave.

To take the fingerprints off the thermal cover, clean it with a cotton cloth or paper towel. Avoid household cleaners.

Body oils and hand creams can build up on the surface of the ink after contact, therefore reducing the performance of the ink. You may clean the surface by using a mixture of 1 part rubbing alcohol to 10 parts water. Lightly dampen a rag with the solution and rub the surface of the thermo ink areas to help the ink return to its original opacity.

The Thermochromic ink can essentially get a sunburn. There are interactive pigments in the ink. While they aren't biological, they are “alive". Prolonged sun exposure will limit the effectiveness of the color change. If you expose the cover to direct sunlight you may experience a “ghosting" effect mimicking the art underneath. We have found that you can help the ink return to its original opacity by heating the package with a hair dryer until the ink turns clear. Then chill it in a fridge or freezer for 20 seconds until it returns to its original opaque black color. This is not complete fix, but a helpful one.

The Deluxe Limited Edition package is printed with an invisible ultraviolet ink. It fluoresces under blacklight exposure. "Keep Looking".

Watch the "12 Days of the Foot" video podcast series here ->

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 7  Redhead Comments

Gregory Pennington's picture

Saw Chickenfoot in Myrtle Beach SC at The House of Blues. The band had as much fun as the crowd. Was a fantastic show. The album rocked from top to bottom.

Rocky5150's picture

Powerhouse album. Right up with “5150”, “F.U.C.K” and Montrose debut. Every track is killer, no filler.

brettc020's picture

"Future in the past" is in my top 10 fave Hagar songs ever!!! Top class.

redrockerichard's picture

My First Hagar Album I've ever bought. If it wasnt for Van Halen and Chickenfoot i probaily never would of know him.

SharkByte's picture

I think this album just begins to touch the surface of what these four are capable of, but on its own is an excellent rock album! I mostly love Sexy Little Thing, Oh Yeah, Runnin' Out and Turnin' Left but that's not to say I don't love the whole damn thing!

I always knew Chad Smith could pound the rock out and hearing Satch's playing with Sammy's singing is like the real "Best Of Both Worlds".

casper_14's picture

All i can say is wow an instant classic album

David Mccain's picture

I have both editions. Love it. In my top ten of favorite CDs of all time!