Danger Zone
Vinyl 1980 Solo

Liner Notes

Danger Zone is a Sammy Hagar solo album, his last new studio album during his tenure with Capitol records. The album features appearances by Journey singer Steve Perry and Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

[June, 21st 2015]
35 years ago Danger Zone came out...

This was my second attempt at producing myself - it had some great moments with Neal Schon on "Love Or Money" and Steve Perry singing background on "Heartbeat".

The great Geoff Workman engineering record sounds pretty damn good he had just finished the Journey record the day before and walked straight into the studio with me, pretty damn cool.

Wish I could still fit in that jumpsuit ha ha. PS: Might have to add a song or two to the circle set.


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Wilson_Alexandre's picture

Danger Zone: It's another album never released in Brazil that I played for the Brazilian public before the radio stations here and many before Sammy Hagar joined Van Halen.
Danger Zone has an enviable sound quality, it's one of the best-produced records I've ever heard, and one of Sammy Hagar's career records best known to Brazilian fans who frequented my rock nightclub in the 1980s and 1990s.
Love or Money, 20th Century Man, The Iceman, Run for Your Life, Bad Reputation, are some of the songs that Brazilian fans love to hear. A great album too!

mjoeh5's picture

One of the best concerts I have ever seen was @ Long Beach arena during this tour. Sammy tore it up and tore it down. awesome night!!!! Made me a fan for life.

Nikgee's picture

I have my name on the bit of paper that came with that album

anthonyjake's picture

Iceman and bad reputation ruled all songs for me on this classic vinyl.

56shovelhead's picture

this was my first sammy album bought it in 79 or 80 been a redrocker ever since

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Does anyone have or know of anywhere to get any kind of merchandise that was sold at the Grand Slam Super Jam at the Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MO in 1980?!?!??? If so, e-mail me please!!! marysamueller88@hotmail.com. I'm looking to buy!! Thanks!

txmendi's picture

I had this first on 8 track and wore it out. I then bought it on vinyl to listen at home and cassette for the car. Now it's on my iPhone.

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My personal fav, brings back memories of 29 Palms, CA.