All Night Long
Vinyl 1978 Solo

Liner Notes

All Night Long was Sammy's first live album, was recorded during concerts in San Francisco, San Antonio, San Bernardino, Santa Cruz, and Santa Monica and contained no overdubs. It wasn't released in the UK until 1979 (under a new title "Loud & Clear" and new cover). The live version of Montrose's "Space Station #5" was only available on the UK release.

Sammy had this to say to HM Magazine about the album in 2000: "That (album) had some energy man. I listened to that record just last year, and I couldn't believe it. I'm going, ‘This guy's jacked out of his brain!' A lot of energy on that record. That's a real live record, too, you know, there's no fixing up, no overdubs, no nothing."

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All Night Long and Loud'n'Clear.
The best live album I've ever listened to in my life, not just for Sammy Hagar's musical repertoire, but for the sound quality of this album. I think this record plays one of Sammy Hagar's best live shows with Bill Church on bass, Denny Carmassi and Chuck Ruff on drums, Gary Pihl on guitar and Alan Fitzgerald on keyboards.
This album reveals to all fans around the world that Sammy Hagar didn't need to prove anything else to rock'n'roll, heavy metal and hard rock.
Anyone who has never heard this album does not know the music work of Sammy Hagar.
This is another album to keep very carefully and affectionately for other generations to hear in the future. A magnificent album with songs by Sammy Hagar and Montrose that are worth listening to and having in our record collection.
This is another Sammy Hagar album that was never released in Brazil but all Brazilians who frequented my rock salon know and love to listen to this day. That's why I always say: That I was the first Dj. Rock from Brazil to release all Sammy Hagar records in my country before record labels here and radio stations here. Therefore, I am proud to be the number one fan of Sammy Hagar in Brazil. Unfortunately I won't be able to go to the Sammy Hagar & The Circle concert in my country because my daughter and I are on cancer treatment and no money today, no government financial benefit, even both sick and tickets are expensive to buy. But I'm proud to have helped to promote Sammy Hagar's albums in my country. This is enough for me!