Sammy Hagar
Vinyl 1977 Solo

Liner Notes

Sammy Hagar is Sammy Hagar's second solo album, released in 1977. It is also often referred to as The Red Album, as it features Sammy's first anthem, "Red", which is also the basis for his nickname "The Red Rocker".
The distinctive cover image was shot in Stockwell Road, London, SW9 in the midst of the rows of red Pride & Clark auto shops. These red-painted buildings are also seen in the 1966 film Blowup.
The album features producer/musician Scott Mathews (Bonnie Riatt, Keith Richards, Elvis Costello, Brian Wilson) on drums and guitarist David Lewark, who also played with Eddie Money.
Sammy Hagar's 1987 solo album I Never Said Goodbye is also sometimes known as Sammy Hagar (since early pressings were untitled, pending the results of a contest).

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 4  Redhead Comments

Wilson_Alexandre's picture

I consider this album essential for the basic disco of any record collector or rock dj around the world.
This Sammy Hagar album is essential because it is part of the magic of the 70's in contrast to the wave of disco music in the world at that time. Also, this album reminds us of the mood of those good rock'n'roll times, the innocence of our youth, shows exactly what we dreamed of at that time, a mix of rebellion and dreams, a desire for freedom and censorship, among other feelings. This album was also never released in Brazil but I imported it in 1977 to release it to the Brazilian public in real time. That's why Brazilian fans know Sammy Hagar before they even heard him singing with Van Halen. Red, Rock'n'roll Weekend, Free Money (Patti Smith), Catch the Wind (Donovan) are some of the songs on this album that I've promoted in my rock nightclub in Brazil since 1977.

Unfortunately Brazilian record companies (formerly like this) never released this album in Brazil, but thousands of fans got to know this album and also bought it.

fitness4fn's picture

I remember when this came out... wore out this album. Thanks for such amazing good times with more to come. Your the best Sammy.

Matt - Woodland Hills CA

anthonyjake's picture

a close second in my opinion to street machine, an all time classic. Love this album.

brettc020's picture

His best album of the 70's!!! Amazing. Love the title track, "Little star/Eclipse" puts shivers up my spine, and "Free money" has the most beautiful melody ever. My 2nd fave Sammy solo album behind "Standing hampton".