Four Decades of "RED"

Directed by: Paul Ware
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Related Song: Red
Related Album: Sammy Hagar

From the DVD "Go There Once, Be There Twice".


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Awesome montage of footage here!!
Grats to Sammy on four decades of ROCKIN' & ROLLIN' thing I would love seeing I saw footage in this video, is the St. Louis gig in 1982 come out on DVD...that would be CLASSIC!!
Thank you Sammy for all the years of great music!!'s picture


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sammy. man. this has got to come to a roll. i entered the contest at emi. in fremont cal. i gave them two songs called mine all mine/above the world. man. i came to your privat pad. i was called there man. in my cab. you met me at the door. i didnt rip off your house man. i was working on a job at sf hospital for unlawful carnal knowledge was released that time the song comes on the radio. we start talking about you. this dud im with is telling me that his brother's two friends robbed your house. well that was before i met you there. next thing i know your blaiming me for it. your telling me i ripped off songs from you. greg khin is taking my benefit from me you send your mail man down to shooter's to check me out. he tells me hes' your mail man played bass at that. now. im going through it over these other things. if i never meet you again. it cant be like i cant live without you man. you know what i mean. i gave you the name of the dude that attacked you on stage at h s a s. so. peace. jesus rocks. im working on my blues. kickin it if i get something for the songs thanks. WD

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it's like this. if you beleive in christ and your saved then you rock on and turn from your wicked way's and live. dreams. thats what christ is made of.oh baby we belong in a world that must be strong jesus pulls the string the holy spirit comes walkin in. jesus pulls the string christ comes walkin in. cause thats what dreams are made of.

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What can I say, Sammy u are the greatest, Ive seen u at the Cow Palace in San Fran, and a few other places... Luguna Seca with ur wife and kids who are all grown up now I can imagine and now I wanna see u down In Cabo @ the Wabo of course...So I will bring lots of money and maybe even a guitar if they will let me over the border with it...hahahah...Keep on Rockin the free world and I love that song Heavy Metal...50,000 watts of Power...I have to try that some time...have a good one...Dave

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Oh this is soooooooooooo what we needed!!!! Great stuff!!!!!

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Paul~ This is totally "REDTASTIC"!!!! I LOVE-LOVE LOVE this. Can't wait to buy a copy of the DVD when it somes out!!! Great job!!!

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Paul, Great job editing this one! Any clue on the release date?

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GREAT, GREAT, GREAT JOB !!!! I'm buying it !!!

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Woo-Hoo!! This is awesome, fantastic job Paul! Can't wait to see the full DVD.


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wow:-) can`t wait for the dvd:-) looks awesome.

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wow!!! That was awsome. I was there for most of it,Don't remember seeing him with short hair, must have been in the 80s still some blank spots from that era..LOVE the video

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Now thats a trip down RedHead memory lane! Get the Video out now!!!! Peace!!!!!

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LOVE THIS VIDEO!! sammy thru the years. i first saw him the night i got married. we postponed our honeymoon for sammy. can't wait for dvd

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I love it! I have been a fan for soooooooooooo many years and to watch this, It brings me back to the first time I sat in my room in Jr high listening to his album over and over and over again!!! Sammy's music has gotten me thru good times and bad in my life and I will always be a true redhead forever.

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Awesome video and can't wait for the whole DVD. And being a web designer and developer, absolutely love the site. Looking great!!

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Oh lord have mercy is he not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

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The new site is great, love the Video also....

Noone Rocks like the Redrocker!!!!!

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Ahhh..... feels so good!

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If it we're 1-Being Bad through 10-Being Excellant voting, I would give it a 55'000! lol!

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LOVE IT! Can't wait for the DVD!

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That video will make a Red Rocker WARRIOR , ULTIMATE!

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awesome can't wait for the new dvd.

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Paul, the video is AWESOME!!! can't wait to see the rest of the DVD.

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Mink's picture

Looks great! I love seeing Sammy singing the song in all the different eras.

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OMG!!! WAY COOL!!!!!
I can't wait to see the new DVD!!!
"Long Road To Cabo" was great, this sounds like it's going to be fantastic as well!!!

LOVE IT MUCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Awsome! In the Video from Cabo You can see my husband Dave and I in the front at the stage! SWEET!! Ahh those were the times!

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AWESOME!!! So this is the follow up to the long awaited "Long Road To Cabo"?!!! Just that one little video gave me goosebumps, WOW!! I can not WAIT for this to be released...Paul, I have a feeling you've out done yourself once again!!! F'in A!!!!!

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Actually---the working title is

"Go There Once...Be There Twice".

The long awaited followup to The Long Road To the same group who did the first one.