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Jason Rand
June 10, 2010
Hamilton, , Ohio
September 4

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Dec 19, 2013
Amp-Tiki- Rum stand has ARRIVED!!!!!
Amp-Tiki- Rum stand has ARRIVED!!!!!

I think I need to find another hand signed tiki for the other side to make it even.....lol
Wife might pitch a bitch over that one, those items are about $500.00 now, plus alllll the other Sammy, Kid rock, Van Halen, and Aerosmith stuff I have.....Luckily I did one full bottler of Rum left out of 5 from Thanksgiving to put on the display....

By the way Sam, I love the new record, it's a mix of your whole carrier, from start to date, anyone that don't like it is just plain crazy..... I have to go with Knock Down and Island as my favs though....

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