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Craig Thorson
June 11, 2010
Orting, Washington
May 28

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Aug 1, 2012
Some Imature Reds on Here!!!!

My Fellow RedHeads. Been going to Cabo since 94, missed 2 years due to Back Injury. Remember in 94 you could just walk up to the door pay your money and walk right in, pretty cool! Then it started getting big and we moved to the sidewalk during the day, One Word:HOTT!!!!! Then it was sidewalk overnight, it was fun, met freinds waiting in line overnight that me and the wife are still freinds with, Grateful for that! That being said, when you have a nice Hotel, nice bed and your camping out on that Grungy sidewalk, It Sucked! But we did it, because we love SAMMY!

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Jun 30, 2010
Love the new site!!!
Love the new site!!!

The new website is Great! Me and my wife have been doing the Wabo since 1994, so I guess you could say we're addicted or insane, but we just can't miss our annual trip way down south too Cabo in October! Will be they're on the 7th this year and look foreward too seeing all our RedHead Friends! Peace....

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