Cosmic Universal Fashion
CD 2008 Solo

Liner Notes

Cosmic Universal Fashion is a Sammy Hagar 2008 solo album. It contains all new material along with a cover of The Beastie Boys' "Fight for Your Right to Party", and a new version of "Dreams" (which he originally sang with Van Halen).

The title track was previously released in a different version on an eponymous collection by a project called Baghdad Heavy Metal in 2007.

"LOUD" features Van Halen's Michael Anthony, The Cult's Billy Duffy with Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver's Matt Sorum.

Sammy's version of "Fight for Your Right to Party" includes a guest lead vocal of Sammy's tour manager, Paul Binder, who is introduced as the character "Bling". Sammy has performing the song live with Bling for years, often infusing "Summertime Blues". In the album's liner notes, Sammy explains that the Beastie Boys would not let him change the lyrics. That being the case, Sammy then says, "Then the teacher was right."

"Psycho Vertigo" and "Peephole" feature Journey guitarist Neal Schon and drummer Deen Castronovo with former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony. Sammy, Neal, Deen and Michael were originally planning to form a new side project called Planet Us after finishing these two tracks but dissolved when Sammy and Michael rejoined Van Halen in 2004.

"Switch On The Light" features ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons.

"24365" features Funkadelic bassist Bootsy Collins on backup vocals.

Full album digital booklet is available at

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DFVH5150's picture

Does anyone know if Mike played on the song "Cosmic Universal Fashion?"

I mean I know he's in the video, but Wikipedia says he played on track 1, which I never heard before. I know, it's Wikipedia but it's usually accurate enough.

UPDATE: Someone on the VH Links just told me he did. Never mind.

j9oneill's picture

Peace Love Happiness

baldredhead's picture

Definately think "When the Sun Don't Shine" was a leftover from "Livin' It Up" I love it too!

admin's picture

Forgot to mention...liner notes are up!

ron's picture

The liner notes are supposed to be here:
Please put them back online.

David Mccain's picture

I was shocked at this disc when I firsy heard it. It was Sammy and something different. I especially love " 24365. " But I felt that " Livin It Up " was a much stronger disc. It's not that this one is weak. It's more of a soul searching disc. But it's still good.

benisme_123's picture

"Psycho Vertigo"......what a song!, A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!

nik's picture

Please post the liner notes that were included on the old site.

munomi's picture

This was a great album that never got air play. Loud, should have been the first song listed; as its got lots of engergy and easy to remember. Peephole, was much too dark of a song for this album and should have been left off. While I like this version of Fight For Your Right To Party, it should have been left off too. This is because those in mainstream media immediately picked this song and as the popular view is the original can't be beat. Hands down it is a crying shame that Switch on the Light and When the sun don't shine just don't get played on the radio. Have radio stations forgot these types of songs are what music is all about? Crazy good songs. I liked the commentary intro of Dreams/Cabo. I thought it made the song even better. Overall, another album with at least 4-5 songs that should have had a few hits at minimal.