Space Between
CD 2019 The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson)

Liner Notes

Announcing "Can't Hang", the highly anticipated second single from The Circle's debut album of original material, Space Betwen!  Following the band's appearance on The Howard Stern Show Tuesday, April 9th, the band will take some time before the video premieres at 10:45am ET to chat with fans. Sammy, Michael, Jason and Vic invite you to start posting your questions as a comment on the YouTube Premiere now! (Use the Live Chat box starting Tuesday morning).

Note that almost all tickets for the 2019 Circle tour include a FREE copy of the new album! Check upcoming events for a show in your area!

Order the Album hereStream & Download "Trust Fund Baby" here & Watch the lyric video here!

Album release May 10th, 2019.  The band will mount a large-scale tour of North America, in support of the new album, in the Spring of 2019.

Photo by Leah Steiger
Photo by Leah Steiger

With the upcoming release of Space Between, the band harnesses the depth of their artistic experiences and seminal collaborative sound with Hagar's prolific writing vein to produce an album that builds and explodes, song after song, around the concepts of money, greed, enlightenment and truth. Formed in 2014, the acclaimed supergroup featuring Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Sammy Hagar and bassist Michael Anthony, drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Vic Johnson, quickly established themselves as one of the most emphatic and exciting live acts on tour today, seamlessly ripping through career-spanning hits from Montrose, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar and The Waboritas and Led Zeppelin.

“The 10 songs (or chapters) on the ‘Space Between’ are not just a bunch of new songs grouped together on an album. They were sewn together conceptually for a complete mental, emotional and physical experience (kind of a Three Lock Box). Once I had the overall vision, the lyrics and music began to just flow through me and the songs unfolded like chapters in a book.” - Sammy

Lyrically and musically, the collection of songs on Space Between build from intimate and introspective eye-openers to heart-pumping anthems. The music draws on the bands' substantial careers independently and collaboratively; presenting a veteran band still at the peak of their game. Sammy Hagar & The Circle will release Space Between on May 10 via BMG. The band will mount a large-scale tour of North American, in support of the new album, in the Spring of 2019.

BMG signed a worldwide label deal with Sammy Hagar & The Circle for the new album, Space Between, and will also include select Hagar catalog titles.

PRODUCED BY: Jaimeson Durr, Sammy Hagar, Vic Johnson
RECORDED & MIXED BY: Jaimeson Durr - jaimesondurr.comInstagram
ASSISTANT ENGINEER: Steven Campodonico
MASTERED BY: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, TN.
ADDITIONAL ENGINEERS: F. Reid Shippen - Mixing Engineer for “No Worries”; Other: Alan Howarth, Ian Hatton, Alex Saenz
ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS: Audie Delone – Keys, Brett Tuggle – Keys, Ian Hatton - Guitar
Well, well, well, finally a new album for all of you patient Redheads. 
The 10 chapters on the “Space Between” are not just a bunch of new songs grouped together on an album.  They were sewn together conceptually for a complete mental, emotional and physical experience (kind of a Three Lock Box). Inspiration is a beautiful thing for an artist and making this album is living proof that when the fire of creativity strikes, the songwriting process doesn’t have to be painful or a struggle.  Once I had the overall vision, the lyrics and music began to just flow through me. This record was recorded and written to be listened to in its entirety.
I’ve also buried some hidden treasures in there to help stimulate the minds of those who enjoy a good mental puzzle. 
Having The Circle, who are such great people, friends and musicians, has made it one of the easiest and enjoyable times in my life to write, create and record an album. 
To Mikey, Jason and Vic: “Thank you for taking this journey with me. We had a blast recording it and I can’t wait to get on stage with you guys and play it for the fans.”
And to the Redheads: “I’ve said it a million times and I will say it again — You are the best fans in the world! It’s amazing how many incarnations of my music and lifestyle you have hung in there for. You’ve showed up to the shows, parties, restaurants & bars and shared the experience with us, and together with other Redheads, like a big family gathering! That is special, and I am forever grateful. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to follow my heart and passions.” 
Forever at your service,
ART DIRECTION & DESIGN: Todd Gallopo @ Meat and Potatoes, Inc.
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT:  Renata Ravina, Red Rocker Touring
MANAGEMENT: Tom Consolo, John Rosales, Peter Rinker for TC Management
LEGAL: Tony Berman, Berman Entertainment and Technology Law
AGENT: Rob Light, Brian Manning, Joe Mott, CAA
PUBLICITY: Hannah Kampf, Kampaign PR
DIGITAL STRATEGY: Jon Luini, Molly Brooks at Chime Interactive <>
VISUALS FOR SONGS: ZZ Satriani – IG: @zzsatriani
SAMMY’S LIQUOR BRANDS/LICENSING & OPERATIONS:  Rebecca Running – Santo Mezquila; Briana Armstrong, Rebecca Running – Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum

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 21 Redhead Comments

nwagner's picture

Great album! Thanks for your music and artistry! I love how the album is more of an experience as a whole instead of each song being on its own. That is something I don't see a whole lot these days so thank you!
Nick Wagner | Pressure Washing Services Bakersfield

claude r's picture

The Devil came to Philly vs The Devil came from Kansas. Does Procol Harum have any copyright concerns ? :)

Shoes1985's picture

Sammy and Co.
Great album. I have followed Sammy and Mike for a long time and I have nothing but respect for you and the rest of the band. I have been a red rocker fan since I was 14 and I will adding 39 years since that day in a few months so I know how all of you have persevered through it all. Was hoping to see you guys but the world is in very scary predicament right now. I know some day I will be able to go out and get it. The world goes round and round and eventually it will be time for us to have the best of both worlds. God bless all of you and I hope again to see you again, twice is never enough.

Susan hartnett's picture

I’m hoping I’ll meet Sammy one day. I had breast cancer last yr at 56, and it was devastating. Sammy was in Bensalem and I was in Delaware. My boyfriend was sweet enough to take him, but I was the only one that went by myself. I have seen Sammy for yrs. The first time he floored me In the 80’s when he was with Journey,Bryan Adams, John cougar and Tommy Tutone. After that I was floored. To show how much I love him, I’m including a pic of sneakers I had custom made that I will wear with love and pride. Love you Sammy!!Your shows never disappoint I can’t get the pic to come on, but it’s the pic of “unboxed” on them. Can’t wait!!!!

llangley58's picture

I went to DTE!!! Best show ever.
I bought a women's XL concert t-shirt and I'm not happy with it. It is definitely not a WOMEN'S t-shirt.
I'd like to get a new one. A 2xl would do the trick to house my tata's.
Where can I get a concert "T".
Can any of my fellow Red Heads help.

Blandis42's picture

how do you get the free cd?

wbfive13's picture

Still no email for the CD! Called the venue, emailed the ticket sales people...and nothing. What a bummer!!! I sure wish this was handled better.

dstivers's picture

how do I get my free cd's/download?

Hale5150's picture


Kurt Swift's picture

how do I get free download I have my tickets to DTE may 22 and can not wait seen them their on Sammys 70th birthday they rocked

donny73's picture

still waiting on my cd! expected it on the 10th.

verncooley's picture

The email announcement that came out on the 10th made it sound like the emails to redeem the free cd's should have already went out and told us to check our spam folders. Nothing here. Please post if you see your email and when.'s picture

How do we all get the free cd ? Is there no link called the rt.66 casino many times ,they no nothing either, some one please help me... Zim

Eric Blaney's picture

It's May 11th and I haven't received any email or info to redeem my 2 copies of the new album.Has anyone been able to do this yet?

Eric Blaney's picture

It's May 11th and I have received no email on how to redeem my two copies of the new album as of yet.Has anyone been able to redeem for their copy yet?

williamj013's picture

The CD doesn't drop until today (May10) be patient fellow Red Heads. I have 5 copies coming...can't wait!! Show is next Saturday in ST. LOUIS!!

verncooley's picture

I was told I would receive a separate email with instructions on how to get the CD. Haven't seen it yet.

pyonaki's picture

I take it that no one's able to get their free CD. Does anyone know how to get it? Every time I try to post a comment, it says I entered the CAPTCHA wrong. WTF?

Blondehead123's picture

Laughlin was Awesome! WE had a Great time! waiting to get in was a little long...not sure why they don't let you in they would sell more drinks and Shirts! ha ha....I was wondering how we get the Free album also, the promoter said buy your tickets and we would get the album, but I do not know how! Anybody else know what to do? Thanks....You were awesome Mike...we are Local Havasu people too, been many years since we ran into you here. Hoping to again someday. The Red-Rocker did not disappoint...all 4 were Great! Thanks again for the wonderful evening!

bearsntls's picture

So we purchased our tickets for the Laughlin show over a month ago but never received our copy of the new CD. How do we get our free copy? The show is this Friday April 26, 2019.

Santa-Kevin's picture

This is going to ROCK!!!!

I can not wait to hear it and then to see you guys play all of it live.
Saw you in La Quinta and posted Can't Hang, Getting lots of hits. Love all of what I hear....

Thanks for all the memories