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Kevin Lee Scott
February 28, 2011
Cypress, California
August 3

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Feb 13, 2019
Wife don't get it
Wife don't get it

I bought my ticket to see Sammy in Bakersfield today. I could had chosen Laughlin NV but can only do so much.
My wife just don't get it. When I say Sammy is coming to town she groans. She don't go to the shows with me, and just don't get it as to why I go to every show I can get to. I said I am a REDHEAD. A Fan of the Redrocker. Ever since Montrose. This show in Bakersfield will be number 75 for me. I already have my High Tide tickets for September. She will never get it. That's OKAY with me because I can go rock out to the REDROCKER and not pay for her to be there. haha

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