The Essential Red Collection
CD 2004 Solo

Liner Notes

The Essential Red Collection is a greatest hits compilation. It includes some of Sammy's early works, from "Bad Motor Scooter" with Montrose, released demos, film soundtrack cuts to more recent material. It was released in 2004 on Hip-O Records.


Sammy Hagar

 7  Redhead Comments

MaMaTammy's picture

I have this cd and it is the best. Not only do you get 19 memorable songs of Sammy's but when I play it, it takes me back to different years of Sammy.

Connor the Red's picture

I got this album for my 11th birthday, before I was a Redhead. It rocked my world. A CD may not seem like much, but it is one of the greatest birthday presents I have ever gotten.

seahorse3's picture

this is awesome. i have this CD in the car when i drive around you get all the different Sammy Hagar eras it is missing a few songs but im not complaining.

krlindbeck's picture

This is the perfect collection of songs to showcase Sammy's career. Anyone who is just getting into Sammy should get this. I do agree that there are songs missing (three lock box, baby's on fire, Swept Away) but you can only fit so much on an 80 min CD!

azcop1's picture

Anyone who is into the Red Rocker will like this collection. I enjoy hearing it.

David Mccain's picture

Just got it today! Nice package but I agree: No " Three Lock Box?? " Still, I love this greatest hits better than the Unboxed one.

SharkByte's picture

It's so hard to sum up a career like Sammy's on one CD, but this one is pretty damn good! I wish they would have included a track or two from "Ten13", but even more confusing is how they left out "Three Lock Box".