There's Only One Way to Rock

I've heard it called by different names
All over the world, but it's all the same
There's so many ways to make love
A million ways to make love
A million ways, I've been thinking of
Oh yea

But there's only one way
There's only one way to rock

So many things can get you high
I'm gonna try em all just once before I die
And you can analyze this situation
To me it's all just mental masturbation


Now quickly, check the hands on the clock
It's 8:05, it's time to rock
And this world can disagree
They don't understand how it can be
And it's not my point of view
It's a fact, and you know that it's true


Crank up the drums, crank out the bass
Crank up my Les Paul in your face


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This has got to be the best rock song ever, especially live with sammy trading leads. HAS to be my favorite all time rock tune, right up there along with heavy metal, rock candy, cant drive 55, and so on...

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To me it's all just mental masturbation