At Your Service
2xCD 2015 The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson)

Liner Notes

Recorded live on tour in 2014, this release documents the blistering performance of a band on fire performing hits from Sammy's 4 decades of rock (Montrose, Solo, Van Hagar, Wabos) as well as classic tracks from the Led Zeppelin catalog.

Check out the DVD version here!

All iTunes preorders included an instant download of "Poundcake". The full album was released on May 19th, 2015 and is now available in both digital and physical packages and your favorite local music retailer!

Watch Sammy Hagar and the Circle Tear Through "When It's Love" featured on Rolling Stone!

Listen to Poundcake on Sammy's YouTube!

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 71 Redhead Comments

rcocks's picture

Anyone else having a problem purchasing the CD through this site? I keep getting an error message.

Pqqhbr's picture

St. Louis, Sammy???

ysosrss's picture

I am a long time fan of Sammy, why does no one ever play or talk about 3 LOCK BOX ?? All time favorite!!

Blondie5150's picture

So I’m a little embarrassed to say I didn’t know much about the Circle until you all played a free concert at Forest Parks Art Hill here in St. Louis for our Fourth of July festival last year. Was always a rocker and loved Montrose, Sammy on his own, Van Halen was made magic by you Sammy, and then back on your own and with many others but when I went to this fair Saint Louis it was like being reborn, rock and roll had been in such a rut, music itself was uninspired with occasional spikes of decent songs and singers here and there but nothing like the old days when music spoke to your soul and every musician was spilling their soul out to the world. So anyway I’m just saying, seeing you guys at Fair Saint Louis woke something up in me that was longing for that sound so badly. Thanks for being there. Love each and every one of you guys.

Rammy69's picture

Heard your Radio Show last night and it was AWESOME.Loved you as the D.J. and you sure played some great rock n roll songs. Thank you

Diz Hayden's picture

OH YES!!! Saw Sammy & The Circle @ the Toledo Zoo last night along with Collective Soul... MAN! WHAT A FUCKING SHOW!! Thanks Sammy for coming to T-Town and putting on a hell of a fucking show!!

Joes5150's picture

Awesome show at Jones Beach last night!

James16's picture

Last night at winstar first show of new tour OMG. I closed my eyes when the levee breaks was being played and I was back at a 1976 zep concert. Dang it I've seen everyone but Hagar is not just the coolest mo fo in rock he is the best performer and the circle sound is incredible. My 19 year old son had tears coming down his cheeks. Just incredible show.

Cabocharlie's picture

Any info on Birthday Party?

Natreneg's picture

I just have to say that this show is not only inspirational for those who play/breath/eat/love music. My husband and I are fans of every musician in this show and respect the aspect of the goal of pleasing, helping, and enjoying the raw value of aucustic music and what it can do for the soul. My husband used to be a local drummer for over 30 years in the state of Texas. Unfortunately over the years has wear and tear has left him after several surgeries later not able to play as much as he would wish. However, your show brought a glow back to his face and that is like GOLD in my life. I just have to say THANK YOU! You truly are an inspiration for all!!!

kjvansickle's picture

Presale code for the show in Washington at TULALIP CASINO?

lhinds10's picture

Hi- I am hoping to get a presale code for the June concert at the Tulalip in Washington. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.


poundcake1's picture

Hola Red Rocker and The Circle, how does a poundcake get presale codes (if there are some) to "without a doubt" hit the Morongo concert on Feb.24th like a week away? I'll will absolutely flip out just to be in the same space with Sammy! You know I'm gonna be there, you know. Thanks love poundcake1.

cidmor1916's picture

Pre sale code for Cleveland Northfield Rocksino please?

boxofrayn's picture

Sammy! Come back to Washington and rock the Tulalip Casino again in 2017! You have been my favorite performer in concert for 4 decades! You always put on an amazing gig. We love you and your amazing music. I took my 20 something year old daughter this last summer, even the ex husband because we grew up together as red rocker fans.
We will be watching for tour dates up here.
Rock on!

wsturner1987's picture

How do we get the pre-sale codes? Im interested in the Winstar concert.


Nandolc's picture

Please guys you need to come to Brazil, we want to see you soon.


cgwolf's picture

saw sammy in st louis he is the red rocker

jaymitch101's picture

Does anyone have the slightest clue as to when the birthday bash is supposed to be, or if they've even announced the dates yet?

kmoreland4's picture

I really hope when you come to RED ROCKS Sept 2016 that you sing Where Eagles Fly :) What better place to hear that song bouncing off RED rocks with the Red Rocker and The Circle. By the way totally love the CD!!!!!!!

Pam.'s picture

Hi can anyone help me on how to get sammmy tickets to his birthday bash in cabo

JMFlatinger's picture

been listening to Sammy forever, All his music is great... Does anyone out there have any idea how to get into the lottery for his birthday bash? It will be my 10th anniversary and want to try and surprise my hubby with tixs.. thanx and Rock On

JMFlatinger's picture

How do I get in the "lottery" for Sammy's Birthday bash in cabo?

mghog89's picture

Absolutely loved the DVD and the editing was amazing. We just moved to Bella Vista, Arkansas from the St. Louis area last spring. I thought we'd never get to see you in concert here, but last week I heard the announcement you'll be coming to Rogers. Ar. on July 2nd. I bought our tickets during the Red Rocker fan pre-sale and have 7th row tickets to the show. We can't wait to see you guys in our new home state!

admin's picture

Hi kevina040 - you should contact the vendor that you made your purchase from. If you purchased from then that would be Epic Rights -

rcocks - if you made your purchase there as well, please use the same contact form!

if anyone has troubles getting a quick response, please contact us at and we will do our best to make it happen quickly!

kevina040's picture

Whom do I contact regarding my order? Credit card was charged 12/10/15, order processed 12/14/15 but still no CD. Thank you

3-Lock John's picture

You guys aren't doing 3-Lock-Box?!

rcocks's picture

I don't expect my last message or this one to go onto the site. I just couldn't find a way to get through to anyone regarding my Order #100001297 that shows "Completed" on your site but I have not received and you have taken the funds. Help Please! I need my new music fix!

rcocks's picture

Can anyone share with me how to contact someone from this site? I am trying to get information on my purchases that have already been paid for and the site says my order is "Completed" yet I have to received ANYTHING.I really would love to give a review of the CD/DVD/Shirts etc. I just have received them yet. It's been almost a month. I appreciate anyone's help as I have just not been able to get through to anyone at the site yet. Not discouraged Yet!

landonk's picture

We hit the Concord, NC/Charlotte Motor Speedway and Lake Tahoe/Harvey's Outdoor Arena shows. Simply outstanding Rock-n-Roll by Sammy and the boys!!!!

JOANNEB075's picture

Christmas wish list!! I was likely at most of these shows!

robbt027's picture

If I could only get to see this show locally in Omaha NE!!!! Great album as usual!!!

jballende's picture

What an AWESOME album!!! I feel like I'm in there the way it was recorded. Job well done fellas. I can't wait to see you live in Augusta!!! Just retired from the Army after 25 years. Do you have a Meet & Greet??? I will like to meet you guys. Thank you Sammy, Jason, Vic and Michael Anthony.


Captain Jose Allende, US Army

NASA SWAT's picture


THANK YOU!!!! You are a true American bad ass!!!! I am a veteran, former GA State Trooper, Police Officer and know I have my Dream job as a NASA S.W.A.T. operator at Johnson Space Center. It's in largely due to your music on how it's inspired, motivated and driven my life to never quit. You inspired not just me but millions of individuals with your drive to live life with no regrets. My wife and I will be front and center for your show in Houston!!! God Bless my Red Rocker!!!

Ps. If you would like a behind the scenes tour of NASA .hit me up on my email!!!

billwtx22's picture

I was suffering from the broken heart of a failed relationship earlier this year. Every time that I felt down, I would listen to your music and it always made me feel better. Well, after dating around for awhile, I met someone very special and we are getting married soon. She has never been to a rock concert before. So, I bought tickets to your upcoming show in Houston to share the experience with her. Looking forward to it!

Rock on,
Bill W

mypbrcowboygal's picture

I hate to post this on this page but don't know how to any other way. My best friend died June 16th, 2015. She was found 2 days later after laying outside on her property from getting kicked in the head by one of the horses.I listened to your songs but as I teen I had horses not tape player etc. But my friend has your CD introduced me to more your music. When Eagles Fly? She loved I can't drive 55? But I rewrote the lyrics for my friend and I was wondering if you could sing with and dedicate it to her. I want to play something from the guy she loved hearing we enjoyed. Im in Boring, Oregon but I need to move back to Colorado some how to get back to my pain specialist and dryer climate. Since she died we were roommates, best friends and I have a horse grandson to the horse she owned. But its Where Angels Fly..
I hope to be gone in a week I am praying I will be.It was always you and the band Def Leppard when he had long trips to drive to get horse hay.

dbarker62's picture

Would you consider opening for the Who at Caesars in Las Vegas September 19

trishhooper's picture

Sammy your CD is awesome sweetie!!! I love it! I think I am going to wear it out! Van who???? LMFAO!!!! All did a really good job!!! GO SAMMY!!!!!! I love you man!!!!

trishhooper's picture

Sammy your CD is awesome sweetie!!! I love it! I think I am going to wear it out! Van who???? LMFAO!!!! All did a really good job!!! GO SAMMY!!!!!! I love you man!!!!

guyk1963's picture

So I've listened to my copy of The Circle...time and again. This is easily one of THE finest Live albums I've ever had the pleasure of listening to...the talent is one thing...but the execution exceeds all expectation. I really truly wish I could have seen this Live. And it just adds to the overall greatness of a simple musician turned icon. Thank you, Sammy Hagar. You continue to be THE MAN!

airesram62's picture


fred ripley's picture

Heard this c.d playing in a record store the other day, i thought for a second it was a c.d from the Zep re union at the o2..Then I recognized Sammy s voice ..What a great cd ..Sammy sounds great ,Vic captures the same guitar sounds as the original songs , Mike sounds great both vocally and on bass , and Jason s timing is spot on ...Great line up ,great songs ..Haven t blasted the volume in awhile in my car , but everyone on the block is going to know this cd by the end of summer.

frank stefanelli's picture

cant wait to see you guys in OHIO this summer (6/20/15) .. Too bad I cant say the same about VH..WTF is Ed thinking?? love me some other half and whoever is jamming with you.. your sounding great.. see u from the 10th row !!


frank stefanelli's picture

I cant wait to see you guys in OHIO on 6/20.. too bad I don't feel the same way about VH coming around... WTF is Ed thinking! see you guys soon !!


Nova Wabo's picture

Great collection, love the Zep covers.

I'm wondering why 55 didn't come with my iTunes package someone else indicated you get "One Way to Rock" twice...weird.

My only beef is with my favorite song, Dreams.

It is such a great song to finish off on, but the acoustic version just doesn't work for me. It's a big disappointment to have it on here and not the original, especially when this band plays the VH SO well!

The "Light Roast" CD had promise, and the song selection was nice, but ultimately it would have been better as an "unplugged" album, and not just an "acoustic duo" album. (That's okay, not everything is a home run.)

simonmulder2003's picture

5 big gold stars from the uk. keep up the good work.

bigreddrum's picture

opening track is one way to rock and the 5th track is supposed to be i cant drive 55, but it is also one way to rock????/

svnthseal's picture

is this album being pressed too? id love to have this on vinyl rather than just cd

Dnyfan23's picture


hockey77's picture