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Ron Cocks
May 08, 2013
Oceanside, Ca
October 26

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Oct 12, 2017
Celebrate Sammy's Ten13 & Congratulations

First of all- Happy Ten13 Sammy! Next order of business - Congratulations to all you RedHeads celebrating with Sammy and friends down in Cabo! Wishing, I mean really wishing, I was there celebrating my Ten13, too! Have fun, be safe, and make it a memorable 70th for Sammy and I'll raise a glass to the south as I celebrate my 60th here in Oceanside!

Wishing I as "Face down in Cabo kissing the ground!"


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Aug 2, 2017
0 for 13 - I Am Going For The Record!
0 for 13 - I Am Going For The Record!

So I verified it today . . . I managed to somehow get shutout for tickets to any of the Birthday Bash Shows again this year. This will be my 13th straight year trying to and not attending Sammy's Birthday Bash for my Ten13 in October. This year I had 8 different family members with 8 different email addresses enter in to the drawing. I guess it takes a lot more than that to catch a whiff of tickets. I really hoped with it being Sammy's 70th and my 60th that the universe would align to make it happen. All I can say to all you lucky RedHeads that got tickets . . . have fun, be safe!

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