Standing Hampton
CD 1982 Solo

Liner Notes

Standing Hampton is a Sammy Hagar solo album, his first after moving from Capitol Records to Geffen. Five of its singles charted in either the mainstream rock or pop singles charts. Sammy has said that he was originally going to title this album "One Way To Rock". It was a British fan who told him of the term that came to be the title. In Cockney rhyming slang, a "Hampton" is a term for a penis. One that is "Standing", of course, would be a reference to an erection. This led to the cover art that shows a gentleman greeting a woman in various states of undress.

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I waited years for Sammy to sign this record. I kept it in a plastic sleeve since it was released and it was in PERFECT condition. 1998......Finally met Sammy and passed it off to him with a red sharpie.. Some dude rips it out of his hands before he inked it. Security then escorts him away. I picked up the record off of the ground. It was trampled and bent, but the vinyl was not trashed......thank God. I could tell he felt bad as he looked back at me while security basically picked him up and whisked him away. Still play that record to this day.

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My first Sammy show. Quarter flash was the opening band. Sammy rocked the house.

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I got this an tape when I was at college and it was on most of time but I have just got it on cd and I love it but I miss the extra tracks only on the tape in the UK . Sweet hitchhiker and can't get loose are my fav traks and I saw Sammy when he played in Manchester Uk with Deff Leppard backing him up , and they both are just getting better all the time .

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although the first Sammy album I owned was VOA (2nd was "i'll never say goodbye") this album is what really broke Sammy into the radios. I love this album and "Baby's On Fire" is my favorite Sammy jam of all time (seen Sammy 4 times live and he has yet to play it).

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This is the album that i bought in sound city records in Nyc at 10yrs me hook line and sinker ....30 yrs later....Still rockin.........thanks Sammy.......

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Some of Sammys best written songs ever on this album. "Baby its you" and "Cant get loose" are amazing lyrics......I love Sammys rendition of "Piece of my heart" too, with the sax solo. This is Sammys best album solo wise, very well balanced and under-rated in the rock world.

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BABY'S ON FIRE is the shiznet!!!

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My Fav SH solo album from the 80's. The definition of classic hard rock, every song is killer!

Personal Fav's are "Baby It's You", " Inside Lookin' In", "Can't Get Loose" and "Heavy Metal".

The whole album is great and i'm new to it so i'll probably keep changing my favs, guess thats what great albums do!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!! anyone who likes to RRRROOOCCCKKK!!!!!!!!!!

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Standing Hampton changed my life!! I recieved this cassett and concert tickets for my birthday. The gift was from my first love. A long haired, guitar playin guy who loved Sammy Hagar!! He also interducted me to "Montrose". This gift of music couldn't have came at a better time in my life! My father unexpectedly past away, suddenly just days before my 16th birthday. Being young and easly influenced, looked for easy emotional fixes in the wrong places, people & devises. I was expectedly sad.I found myself gathering my thoughts, listening to hours of Sammy. Without knowing it, had found a Happy place within his music.Thats all i wanted was my quiet time and Sammy. Shortly after, We had went to see Sammys Concert. It blew me away! The energy, lights, larger than life and I knew pretty much all the words. Like nothing I had ever experienced! I was excited, happy and enjoying this music, my life. That changed my world, the way i was inspired, woke me up! I knew rock music was my calling.I owe it all to Sammy Hagar. Thanks Sammy!!