Liner Notes

Album was released September 27, 2011.

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 7  Redhead Comments

MJSmoothie7's picture

Good job on this record.

MJSmoothie7's picture

This was your guys best record. Wish you guys were still doing it. If you ever do get back together please come to Cincinnati. This record is amazing and so is Chickenfoot.

Rocky5150's picture

It’s a shame this is the last full CF album. You guys were on a roll in my opinion. “No change”, the bonus track was absolute killer.

mineallmine's picture

The best track is the hidden track but it stays hidden NO CHANGE?..... ;-)

seahorse3's picture

Chickenfoot 3 is awesome, if u havent got it yet you gotta, the whole CD is great! Sammy Hagar on vocals, Joe satriani on guitar, Michael Anthony on bass, and chad smith on drums.

majorsredhead's picture

Dude this album is freakin AMAZING i am an aspiring guitarist myself and Satriani is a HUGE influence. Love it.

mils's picture

The iphone app lists a "bonus track" called "No Change". Where is it available? It wasn't on the fanpack version.