CD 1984 Solo

Liner Notes

VOA is the last solo album Sammy Hagar released before joining Van Halen. Around the same time Sammy Hagar joined Van Halen, guitarist Gary Pihl joined Boston. The title is a reference to the Voice of America broadcast network.

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I think, I am now very much addicted to Sammy’s tracks. I just can’t get it out of my mind, the way which he composes the songs. Even though the lyrics in some of the songs aren’t much worthy, the music compensates by a far limit.
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Man I just bought VOA and the heart put into the songs are incredible

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Another excellent record VOA of the 80´s, this CD highly recommended for fans all over the world, Sammy rocks with this album too.

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This should be the driving anthem for every "RED" blooded American male----go Sammy!

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I love the production on this album!!!! "Swept away" is my fave off this album, one of Sammys greatest....."Burnin' down the city" is kick-arse.

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What an amazing album! Didn't even know about it till I found my dads vinyl LP. Amazing work, one of the best albums I know

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One of my favorite Albums, I proposed to my wife while the song Don't Make Me Wait played in the tape deck of my Shelby Dakota.Good Times Then and Good Times Now...