David Lauser

David Lauser

David and Sammy have played together on and off for over 30 years. In fact, there is no other musician Sammy has spent more time touring and recording with than David. They first met when they were both very young - barely out of high school. Sammy joined one of David's first bands as a teenager.`The Mobile Home', in San Bernardino, CA. David describes how they met: "I recall Sammy being dressed really cool and really digging our music. Afterwards the leader of our band told the rest of us that Sammy wanted to take the place of the guitar player who had just quit. Even at that young age, I had the balls to ask if this Sammy guy was any good...'what can he do?' Well, the next day we all jammed a couple of Cream songs...Sammy played the solo to 'Sunshine Of Your Love' note for note. We've been friends and gigging together ever since."

According to Sammy, after he and Van Halen parted ways, David was the natural choice as his drummer. Even during Sammy's time in Van Halen, he asked David to play drums on his non-Van Halen music, including his solo record, I Never Said Goodbye, and his 'Best Of' record, Unboxed. Additionally, Sammy recruited David and Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony to form his "party" band down in Cabo San Lucas, aptly named `Los Tres Gusanos' (`The 3 worms' in Spanish). Los Tres Gusanos will never die, and rumours abound that they may resurface in Cabo soon.
David's discography, along with more information on David's career, can be found on his website, www.DavidLauser.com


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