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I don't know why, but the music of the 70s (especially the late 70s) introduced a new genre that few people can identify. I think Child to Man is a good example of this, both in terms of the instrument and the bass: and I love it !

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This album was never released in Brazil but it is the best known of rock fans here. This is an iconic album by Sammy Hagar in the opinion of Brazilian fans, after my sound team and I promoted it in my country.
This is a record to hold with love and care, to be shown to several future generations to learn how to make a great rock record.
I am proud to have released this album by Sammy Hagar in Brazil, long before the labels and radio stations here (incidentally never played this album on Brazilian radio, no song).
But it is on Street Machine that contains the Sammy Hagar song best known to Brazilian rock fans: This planet's on fire (Burning in Hell) is a song that plays to this day in every rock house here. Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays I had to play this song at our rock nightclub. I mean, surely This Planet's on Fire was the song that took Sammy Hagar to the top for Brazilian fans. And it was from there that the whole of Brazil met Sammy Hagar and started to take an interest in his records, even though they had to import them. Also, it's a wonderful album and it has beautiful songs like: Child to Man, Growing Pains, Never Say Die, Straight to the Top, Plain Jane, Falling in Love, all the songs that I also played in Brazil .... .a decent album from the late 70's to the 80's. Wonderful album!

This Planet's on fire is one of the songs Sammy Hagar needs to play for Brazilian fans in Space of the Americas in March 2020.

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Saw Sammy when he toured on this album.It was the second time I'd sen him(not the last)but by far my favorite.It was Erlangind Germany in 1980,Girls school opened for them.A snow storm had hit the area and only about 600 could make. very cool!

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Yep, Trans-am Tour at Oakland Coliseum waiting outside in the pouring rain, got to second row and witnessed my top5 concerts of all-time. Ears are still ringing !!!

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I saw ya at the San Berdo auditorium on this tour you had Tom Johnston from the doobs open for ya It is a show I remember to this day!!!

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This was the album that turned me into a Red Head! I was 18 @ the time and here I'am 35 yrs later still rocking out with Sammy. Ya gotta love it. Keep it coming Sammy, your the best, Love Ya!

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This was the first Hagar album I bought...up till then my older brother bought and I borrowed....he hooked me on Montrose when their first album came out. Trans Am was my favorite. My first car was a 1971 Pontiac Formula Ram air II.

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Trans Am Highway Wonderland is a favorite of mine. Among the many others. But I have yet to hear it concert. Maybe next time.

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I myself have to say Never Say Die was the best song of the album. After that hard choice. But the red rocker made a greatest hits album all songs be on it and it be called red handed

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Has to be one of my all time Hagar favorites. A lot of people ussaly remeber the greatest his of an artist. But this album they were all hits in my opionon. Never Say Die, was one of the best songs off this album. It was truely a great song. So was Plane Jane, another great rock song that deserves to be in the books. Or how moderen technolgoy is going. To be world wide attention about it using any kind of connection.

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Over time, this has become classic. "This planets on fire" just builds your adrenelin up. One of his fastest, rockin' tunes ever.

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Child to man, still makes me stop dead in my tracks from whatever i'm doing, even after all the years!

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My favorite hagar album of all time. 1979 Oakland coliseum opening up with growing pains, i mean cmon this album rocks.

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My very first Sammy album - bought it for "Plain Jane" I was 11 and I fell in love with him as soon as I played that song. Thought for sure he was singin' to me

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Thanks JA♥. Loving this one!!!

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I was told by a reliable source to go get this album....or else.

I'm going!!!

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I just love vintage Hagar. Growing Pains, Feels like love, Trans Am (Highway Wonderland), Plain Jane, This planet's on fire and Strait to the top, just rock. Keep jammin', Sammy!

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This is my all time favorite sammy (sammy related) album. just a great baisc rock n roll sound!