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Paper Money is the second album by the band Montrose. It was released in 1974 and was the last album to feature Sammy Hagar as lead vocalist. Ronnie Montrose sang lead vocals on "We're Going Home".

Original bassist Bill Church left the band before this album was recorded and was replaced by Alan Fitzgerald.

Paper Money shows Montrose toning down the more metallic elements of its sound and pursuing a more commercial direction with "I Got The Fire" being the only track that matches the intensity of the debut album.

Although the liner notes for the CD edition of Paper Money said that Ronnie was offered the lead guitar slot for Mott the Hoople when he left the Edgar Winter Group, Ronnie says that this never happened and was just a rumor.

"I Got the Fire" was later covered by Iron Maiden and Axe

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This is another album that was never released in Brazil, but I released it in my country in 1974 as soon as it hit stores and I could import it too. At that time we were living a regime of military dictatorship in Brazil. There was no internet, foreign music was censored by our government at the time, importing records was difficult and very expensive. Even so, I got records of rare and unknown bands to show to young Brazilian rockers. I played this record until 1998 when I retired as a DJ and founder of rock nightclub, but it's one of the records that still plays in the same house under new direction. Brazilian rock fans know and sing the songs on this album: Connection (Jagger & Richards), I Got The Fire (rewritten by Iron Maiden), Underground which is a beautiful ballad, because I played these songs for 30 years in Brazil. This album is also important for Sammy Hagar's career and his fans.