At Your Service
2xCD 2015 The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson)

Liner Notes

Recorded live on tour in 2014, this release documents the blistering performance of a band on fire performing hits from Sammy's 4 decades of rock (Montrose, Solo, Van Hagar, Wabos) as well as classic tracks from the Led Zeppelin catalog.

Check out the DVD version here!

All iTunes preorders included an instant download of "Poundcake". The full album was released on May 19th, 2015 and is now available in both digital and physical packages and your favorite local music retailer!

Watch Sammy Hagar and the Circle Tear Through "When It's Love" featured on Rolling Stone!

Listen to Poundcake on Sammy's Soundcloud below, or listen on YouTube if that's more your style!

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 70 Redhead Comments

Right here Right now F tomorrow's picture

Sammy rocks and always will . Sammy and Mickey are the VH music and sound Eddie and Alex need to hang it up . The kid can just blend in with another group he will never stand on his own. Put Sammy and Mickey together get Steve Vai . A drummer (?). Create new music and WOW.. Rock on ..

Snoogiemom7's picture

I am so excited about this album.I am also so flipped I have tickets to see The Circle at the Rose Music Center.My favorite of all time ,Sammy and my favorite bass player in the UNIVERSE,Michael Anthony.I am in Heaven...

Redheadfan5150's picture

Really stoked about this release. Fantastic set list. The only minor complaint I have is no Chickenfoot representation. Surely room could be made on here for Something Going Wrong and Down the Drain...just a couple.

Also a little bummed they didn't go deeper into the VH catalog. I mean, they have all the "hits" but I would have loved for 5150, AFU or Seventh Seal to be on here.

Otherwise, can't complain much. I just ordered the Chickenfoot lv disk, so I'll create a playlist that has some live Chickenfoot mixed in, lol!!

Again, really stoked about this. Have not been this stoked for a live release in...forever!

Nova Wabo's picture

I am SO stoked to get mine...BUT...Vic - you play this one fantastically EXCEPT you play the same 3 harmonics over and over in the verse section, instead of mixing them up like the original. You're an awesome player, but playing the same 3 harmonics makes it incredibly repetitive. I'd love to see you mix 'em up a bit when I see you and the Circle later this month.

123lockbox's picture

OH HELL YEAH!!I am excited with anything Sammy puts together. What a set list and group of guys that will rock the states this summer. On a tragic note, Sammy wont have time to save Van Halen from their ridiculous comeback. Rock on Led Hagar!!!!!

Nova Wabo's picture

What an amazing set list...can't wait to have this and the new VH live set in my collection!

timl075's picture

Yep.....lookin for the CD release!

Kjbooboo's picture

Cannot wait to see you in Tahoe, Labor Day weekend.

sherryg029's picture

When I went to ITunes, it appeared a 1.99 charge would be applied for Pound Cake???

sherryg029's picture

If I pre order on iTunes, us it a CD or Vinyl?

seana008's picture

Another album written by EVH! :)


This concert was great, Bonhams drumming is amazing!

Guitar Slinger's picture

Pretty good line up of tunes. You could have done 2 x 2 a 4 cd set woulda bin good... but hey I be lookin forward to gettin a hard copy. I like the idea of full early release for Redheads.. anyway... Keep rock alive... God Bless!

markpankow's picture

Hit the Rockfest show in Wisconsin and am jacked about the Live 2CD release! Great show, top shelf song list! THANK YOU RED ROCKER AND THE CIRCLE!

DJ's picture

Great Line up!Awesome to Jason playing. I'm disappointed in the set list.

Get rid of, When It's Love, Pound Cake,Why can't this Be Love, Rock Candy.

Replace with Summertime,Standing On Top Of the World, Space Station #5, Good Rocking To Night.

dag's picture

Where is the Chickenfoot!?!?! It can't be too late to a track or two of the foot. By the way, any chance you can hook up with Amazon music? I am more of a Samsung guy. Thanks for the music!

dag's picture

Where is the Chickenfoot!?!?! It can't be too late to a track or two of the foot. By the way, any chance you can hook up with Amazon music? I am more of a Samsung guy. Thanks for the music!

music69's picture

Already preordered. Man this was an awesome year an to have this great set list live on CD is the greatest thing to have. What a blast 2014 was. I'm sure this year will even be too! You guys ROCK!!

dag's picture

I don't see any Chickenfoot. Not to mention there's no Chickenfoot. Is it me, or is there no Chickenfoot?

jayr091's picture

How about an early release of the CD to REDHEADS! :-)

derekm027's picture

What an amazing track list!! This will define the rock and roll spin for this year and many to come - Congatulations to Sammy, Mike, Vic and Jason. See you @ Rama Jason and hope THE CIRCLE blesses Ontario Canada again this year!

We will also C U IN CABO 2!

Keep Rocking.

Chef Cabo