Sammy Hagar: Brewing Up "Lite Roast" (Step Three - Drink Up!)

Directed by: Jon Luini/Arthur Rosato
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Take a step into the world of Sammy Hagar & Vic Johnson's "Lite Roast" release.  Featuring 11 unique acoustic versions of hits from Sammy's career, this album offers a new listen to Sammy's voice in an all-acoustic setting.
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nealh093's picture

SAMMY & VIC >>>> Great Mix !!! Bought 3 copies and bought the signed copy with the coffee mug! Merry Christmas & Happy New Years~~~ See YOU SOON in K.C./Tulsa/St.Louis/Chicago/Dallas! REDHEAD 4LIFE..

Cabowbo's picture

I would LOVE to go to a Sammy Acoustic concert !!!!!!!!!!!!! Acoustic concerts are the true artist coming through. Love the new album and hoping for an acoustic tour in small venues.