Hey Redheads,

In celebration of Sammy's newest album, "Lite Roast", we want to hear from you about what types of coffee you like to pair with your music! Are you a Lite Roast type of person, or a dark roast? Do you like cream and sugar, or just straight black?

Check out Sammy's video below for an idea of how he thought of this giveaway and for an idea on how to present your own favorite pairings.


We want to hear from you guys about your favorite coffee drinks and how they pair with the music from "Lite Roast", which you can pick up at iTunes or Amazon!

Contest winners will be pulled randomly from Facebook and Twitter, so share your ideas with your friends and get entered for a chance to win a free signed copy of "Lite Roast" by using the hashtag #SammysLiteRoast!

To make it easy, you can just click one of the buttons below and enter your own text! Make sure you include the #SammysLiteRoast hash tag and URL.


We’ve had such a great time reading all of your pairings that we’ve ordered up another shot of espresso for this giveaway! We love what we’re seeing and especially like the pairings that include your photos. 

We’ll be drawing two winners each Monday and Thursday (4 winners per week) for the next three weeks. Each drawing will have 1 person from Facebook and 1 from Twitter.

Please spread the news and continue to share your pairings by tagging your status with “#SammysLiteRoast” and on Facebook by making sure that your post is set to “public”.

Congratulations to our Winners!

On Facebook our winners are:

  • Tammie A. from Reno, NV
  • Larry B. from La Crescenta, CA
  • Angela K. from Stow, OH
  • Michael G. from London, Canada
  • Cherie H. from Lead, SD
  • Tami C. from Rio Linda, CA

On Twitter our winners are:

  • Rich R. from Cincinnati, OH
  • Marie T. from Melbourne, FL
  • Jeannette W. from Cheyenne, WY
  • Jessica C. from Voorhees, NJ
  • Bob S. from Marietta, GA 

You will recieve your signed copy of Lite Roast in the mail over the course of the next couple of weeks.