Sammy Hagar Lite Roast Coffee Pairing Giveaway!

Directed by: Jon Luini
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Related Album: Lite Roast

Sammy wants to hear how you pair your coffee and music! We will be giving away signed copies of the new album "Lite Roast" -- see details at

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I won I won YAY! Did my part sharing on Twitter and facebook and won me a autogragh Lite Roast album on facebook from Sammy! Thank you Sammy ❤️ ~ Ang

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Sammy I always have one of your CDs playing while I'm cleaning, driving in my car,laying in the sun,flying on a airplane to see you in concert.. your music is pretty much with me always!! I just can't get enough of it... But for sure been out playing Lite Roast so amazing just love it!! I did my sharing on Twitter and facebook not just to win (even tho I be super excited if I did) but just to get it out there so others can enjoy this awesome album with their coffee!! ~ Ang