Live: Right Here, Right Now.
2xCD 1993 Van Halen

Liner Notes

This was the first live Van Halen album and pulls from recordings over two nights in May 1982 at the Selland Arena in Fresno, CA.

Notes: "You Really Got Me" includes part of "Cabo Wabo", during the "316" track, Eddie plays portions of three instrumentals "Cathedral", "Eruption", and the intro to "Mean Street". The "Ultra Bass" track is Michael Anthony's bass solo.

There is a corresponding live DVD release with 17 songs, including 2 not on the audio album - "The Dream Is Over" and "Eagles Fly".

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary, it was released on vinyl for the first time, exclusively for RSD 2023. The original live album plus three additional tracks: “The Dream Is Over” and “Eagles Fly” from the companion DVD release they were not released on the original 2CD set and “Mine All Mine” from the Live: Jump EP from 1993. All tracks from the original live album were newly remastered from the 5150 studio master tapes by Bernie Grundman, who also cut the lacquers.

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In 1983 when Van Halen was in Brazil with David Lee Roth, I went to see them at Ibirapuera Gymnasium in Sao Paulo. I painted a red T-shirt where I designed the back cover of Sammy Hagar's Loud'n'Clear album by lifting a guitar, painted the Sammy Hagar logo on the left side of my chest, put on the shirt and went to the Van Halen concert.
I was in the front row of the audience and Eddie Van Halen was pointing his finger at my Sammy Hagar t-shirt, but I didn't understand what he meant by gesturing to me. I think he wanted my gift shirt for him. (I dont know). Coincidentally, two years later Sammy Hagar joined Van Halen.
Sammy Hagar is said to have been known in Brazil from Van Halen - THAT NEWS IS COMPLETELY MISTAKED. I'm sure more than 50,000 fans (at least) already knew about Sammy Hagar's songs playing at our rock dances from 1971 to 1998, long before he joined Van Halen. Take the test when you arrive in Brazil Sammy!
Play Love or Money, This Planet's on Fire, Reckless, Red and other songs like: I can't drive 55, Growing Pains and you'll see.
My team and I did a job that the Brazilian media never did. Today Sammy Hagar is a phenomenon in Brazil, long before he joined Van Halen. And Sammy Hagar made a difference with Eddie's band. Van Halen's music got heavier, more robust and modern with Sammy Hagar leading the vocals. This is no demerit to David Lee Roth who has always been the great musician too, but Sammy Hagar has left his trademark Red Rocker on Van Halen as well. 5150, OU812, FOR UNLAWFUL..., BALANCE, are pure Sammy Hagar songs!