CD 1973 Montrose

Total runtime: 32:22

Liner Notes

Montrose, produced by Ted Templeman and released in 1973, was Montro's debut album. It featured then little known Sammy Hagar on vocals. While considered a classic by many hard rock fans, tracks from the album have received scant airplay on the radio with "Bad Motor Scooter" being the only possible exception. Without proper support from the record label Montrose eventually went under. But the album has collected quite a following over the years and eventually went platinum.

Van Halen had used this album as a blueprint for their own debut and there are some similarities in the sound of the Montrose album to early Van Halen. Ronnie Montrose mainly used a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Bandmaster and a Big Muff to record the Montrose album. Eddie Van Halen himself considered Ronnie Montrose to be an influence and "Make It Last" was covered by Van Halen in their early club concerts and is available on Van Halen bootlegs, and "Rock Candy" was rehearsed during the sessions for Van Halen's debut album. The album was voted as the 4th best Metal Album of All Time by Kerrang! Magazine in 1989.

Iron Maiden has also done a cover from this album. "Space Station #5" has been released as a B-Side from their single "Be Quick or Be Dead" from 1992.

Punk band Stiff Little Fingers used the riff from the "Space Station #5" for their single "Suspect Device" in 1978.

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Album by the bad motors on the scooter are my most amazing and favorite album that I have lost in the travelling train. Coming travels of mine is done with safe website that is also safe of the luggage.

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I found this in a cut-out bin in the spring of 1989. I recognized Sammy on the cover. I had no idea the treat I was about to be in for. From Rock The Nation all the way through to One Thing On My Mind I was mesmerized.

A couple of years later when I got the CD, I was glad to see that they had modified the running order to make Make It Last the final song on the CD. It needs to be the last thing you hear.

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I always thought my self a Hagar fan. So why did I wait so many years to buy this album. It is truly a work of art. There is not a bad song on it. Of course I had heard several. Make it last now that one has Sammy written all over it, I new he wrote before I ever looked it up. I saw Sammy in concert once and I sure hope to see him again and would really like to shake his hand someday. One more thing Ronnie Montrose was one bad ass guitar player. Why in hell is Montrose not in the Rock n Roll hall of fame?

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I got this album back in 1973. I played it so much the record turned white and the needle had no groove to follow. Now I have the Rock Candy remastered cd and still kicks ass to date. been following Sammy ever since, Keep rockin'

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Top Ten all time debut records ever and some stunning songs to boot. Bad Motor Scooter, Rock Candy and Space Station no5 would sit on any bands list of classics.

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best debut album ever

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Dang...that would be ultra cool to have my albums signed by Sammy! AWESOME! YOU ROCK!

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This album came with our books at Speedway High School!Every male had it!

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Always love finding a mind blowing hard rock album, this is as good as they come!

A Gem...

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I have been diggin' hard on the Montrose lately. I wasn't even born when most of their stuff was recorded, and that's a damn shame. Thank god for the internet. If "Bad Motor Scooter" ain't the coolest damn song on the planet, I don't know what is.

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I have this album signed by Sammy...Hell yeah!!