Past Event

Oct 13 2010
Lazaro Cardenas and Vicente Guerrero
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:30PM. Doors Open 7 PM Guest Performers: Chris Angel and Steve Harwell (Smashmouth) Steve Harwell sang 'You Really Got Me' and 'Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love'.


  • Best of Fancam from Sammy Hagar's 2010 Cabo Birthday Bash



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 32 Redhead Comments

craigt085's picture

Great Show as usual! This year was over the Top! Sammy Rocks!!!

cabokeith's picture

The show was unbelievable!!!

johnjulie05's picture

We had a great time! The show was awsome, thank you Sammy! We met some really nice people and shared our pictures of the show with them. Looking forward to going back next year!

dannyd068's picture

i have two extra for the 9th show ($55each) but i need tickets for the 11th and 13th shows. staying at the santa fe rui. see you in cabo

5150Mike's picture

Yes, Jim I am excited. I can't flippin wait to get on my plane and get the party started.

jimb037's picture

Is anybody excited???? or is it just me????

kenny7's picture

I need tickets is there any left? PLEASE ANYONE, let me know!!

joelt024's picture

Tickets were sold this year. You can still get dinner tickets at the cabo wabo...

jasonloans1's picture

can you buy tix in at the cantina like previous shows?

jasonloans1's picture

soo last show i saw there...i bought dinner and concert tix that day in cabo? wander if thats possible for this show as well...anyone know?

alligatress's picture

Our third time down to Cabo!

- Going to opening night on the 8th
- Marrying my sweetie on the 10th
- Going to closing night on the 13th


~You go there once, you'll be there twice~

ajjbeasley's picture

So is the 10/13 show sold out? We fly in that morning, would love to go!

joelt024's picture

Got my tickets for 10/13 people...see you in Cabo.

deseranno's picture

I'm there (with 3 of my friends). 1st time for all of us. Lucky enough to get some tix. Hope to meet a bunch of you. CYA!

Cindy Marie's picture

I was just getting out my credit card to put in my info & got kicked out & couldn't get back in. :( oh well, I tried. we'll still be there partying in Cabo anyway.

tsproav's picture

CRAP!! I just found out today about the tickets.. I will be there on the 11th..
How the hell can we get in now????
How about some help Sammy!!!!!!?

mzahner's picture

Unfortunately, I didn't get tix for any shows. I was even part of the fans who emailed about selling them this way. But, I can't be at my computer 24/7 and was too late.
Oh well. I'll still be in Cabo and partying with all the Redheads anyway!

ktanton's picture

Same thing happened to me both tries at 1:00 and at 3:00..

Valerie Vette Vincent's picture

I Logged on at 1, ordered 2 tickets, paid with PayPal and received immediate confirmations...Smooth as his Tequila. Sorry to hear that your was not.:(

Valerie Vette Vincent's picture

Logged on exactly at 1, pushed conf from Paypal and Red rocker. Smooth as Tequila....

johnjulie05's picture

We got ours! October 13th here we come! Took lots of patience! My husband will be thrilled! See all of you in Cabo!

ronaldl024's picture

any luck getting tickets

ronaldl024's picture

was it just me or what? was on top of ticket sales with high speed got through to final check out and got kicked off site three times at 12 and at 1 samething with friends WTF....

ktanton's picture

Hoping to score my tickets in advance to this show too...

ktanton's picture

Sammy's Birthday Bash has been on my bucket list for years and it's gonna happen this year - I can't wait - Cabo here I came...anxiously awaiting ticket information.

Harleymomma08's picture

That's what happened to us. We got there at 1am, no sleep just for several people to get their spots and when we finally made it to the front of the line - the closed the box and said no more tickets. It was harsh... we broke down and bought some arm bands later.

cabojones8's picture

I dont know how they do that. But I would be willing to pay someone to keep my place in line so I dont have to sleep on the street.

the rock's picture

celebrating the big 50 this november ,what better way to start than at one of the birthday bashes !coming over from the uk need help and advice regarding travel arrangements.

laurap033's picture

Ok, so a two years ago my husband spent the night on the streets of Cabo to get Birthday bash tickets only to be told there wasn't any-- after people started showing up in vans about 5 a.m. and replacing people who had held their spot in line. . . . . how do we do this? We are coming back to Cabo and would like to see Sammy but-- obviously sleeping on the streets to hold a place in line didn't work. Suggestions?

Lkelly6399's picture

waiting on tickets to go on sale

Kovek's picture

Do we need tickets, or is it just a walk in an rage thing. Been dieing to go to this, so very curious.

Lkelly6399's picture

Finally gonna catch the BDay BASH....