Best of Fancam from Sammy Hagar's 2010 Cabo Birthday Bash

Directed by: Jon Luini
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The best of Fancam from Sammy Hagar's 2010 Bday Bash in Cabo.

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Just found out I can be in Cabo but :( NO tx available for the B-day Part'Y ... any chance there will be something going on for a newbee RedRockr'?? --> DrBob + friends from T'pa

Rburla's picture

Got real lucky to get the 11th and 13th shows. Can't wait to see the Red Rocker again.
Going to Cabo in the fall...yeah baby!!!!! :)
Melissa and Rich...aka Canadian Redheads eh.

Leslie Stewart - Reynoso's picture

Too Bad So sad I got on the redrocker website today around 1:30pm and all shows are sold out already. I'm gonna drown my sorrows with a bottle of my favorite tequila CABO WABO Please add more dates. You should be celebrating the whole month of October anyway!!! I did a radio commercial for you and have done many on-air ticket giveaways for shows in the IE - Please get me 2 tickets asap - Thanks your biggest Fan the radiochickie

GNR's picture

OMG!!! That was such a fun night! So many of my friends in there. Jorge and Christie cute skit! Eric really? Lol! Lobster (aka Steve) you made it! Let's do it again soon.

redrocker7-3-2010's picture

Dammit when I'm 18, I'm going to the fucking Cabo Wabo!!!

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That was SUCH a FUN night...and I wasn't even in Cabo!!!! Thanks again for bringing the party to those of us who couldn't be Face Down with ya!!!!!

Love seeing all my Redhead friends having a great time!!! Gotta do this again NEXT year!!!!


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Thanks for posting the "FanCam"! We had another great time in Cabo during the B-Bash! Very cool...made it in twice!! And the little Chihuahua is mine, her name is Pica!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

amis030's picture

along with the hangover, this is an awsome party favor! Loved look'n at all the redheads have'n the best time together. Thanks Sammy & all the staff at the Cantina!

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SO cool!!!! Saw not only my husband in this video, but SO many of my Redhead friends!!! What fun!! I love it!!!!