2010 Birthday Bash - Truly Like No Other!

October 19, 2010 by sammyhagar
2010 Birthday Bash - Truly Like No Other!
Cabo Fan Cam

What a party! This year was truly like no other. Mona could not come down early so the 'Other Half' rocked the house for two nights. Thanks Mikey! Then I got very sick and had to move a night back to the 12th. So sorry to those Redheads who couldn't stay to use their tickets. Speaking of that, it blew my mind how many virgins were in the house, hello new ticketing system! There seemed to be a significant number of fans in attendance who had never been able to get in before this year. And they were a wild crowd to say the least. Welcome to the Bash! I was still not really back for the third night, I felt like hell but played anyway - I was delirious but had a blast. I exited the stage by going through the crowd so you know I was insane by the end of the show. Four nights and we only repeated a few songs, that's the way the Wabos roll in Cabo. And how about the Fan Cam? I watched for a minute after the show and there was some crazy shit going on. Look for that on RR.com soon. Next year it's your turn. The off night we previewed the new movie 'Be There Once, Go There Twice' and everyone tells me the fans loved it. That will be out before Xmas.

Every year somehow seems to be better than the last. Playing with Chickenfoot for the Cantina's Birthday was a blast, but nothing compares to the Bash itself. We have big plans for next year.....will you still need me, will you still come and see me when I'm 64?


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The real question is will you still play for us when you are 64? Can't wait to see you in Tahoe and in Cabo in October to celebrate your birthday and my 40th. I told my husband, you are like a fine liquor that just keeps getting better with age... PLEASE keep ROCKIN'! Much love and respect.

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Sammy it's so true and amzaing how every year seems to be better than the last. Been going to Cabo for your B/D bash for few years now and each time it's a whole new wonderful experience. It's beyond amazing how it all goes down so good! We thought it was so cool to meet so many Libra's, first timers, long timers, all of us fans that experienced the CWC B/D Bash crazy, exciting, good times. My husband did the line thing for the dinner shows and he said it was a breeze... a/c, sunday football on tv, drinks and food (waiters/waitress are great at CWC) After the shows it was great to see David & Vic mingling with all of us in the patio, that's some good stuff. It's all fun with fellow RH fans from all over the world. Thanks for the ADLN beach party at Tabascos (Miley & Carla you rock) Nice to see Mikey and his family join us at the beach party too. We love celebrating your birthday every year in CWC in Cabo San Lucus, Baja, MX,Sur. Everyone getting together, reuniting with family of fans at same place same time. These days it takes awhile to say good bye to everyone when it's all over. Lord willing...we will be there when your'e 64!

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Thanks Sammy for an awesome vacation. We saw you all 4 nights and enjoyed every show. My husband knew you were not right when you 'exited' thru the crowd but he was able to give you a big hug! I had just left the building so no hug for me...oh well maybe next yr. Hope you are feeling better and we will see you on the 18th of December.

On a personal note: the crowd was a little rougher this yr but we stayed in the back and PARTIED with some awesome Redheads...love you all!!

Peace out!!

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Yes, I will be there for the 64...65, 66, etc...
The best place to see Sammy is at the B-Day Bash. You go there once, you'll be there twice. Face down in Cabo...
Happy B-Day to you....

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Damn Sammy, you still rocked out on the 12th even though you were sick! We had to watch ya on the Flatscreen outside on the 12th but was cool just to be there and see and hear you play!!!

Remember that all of us "older" rockers are still think we're 25 on the inside!!!

Our 1st trip to Cabo and it kicked ass!!! What a Party town Cabo is!!! Our favorite vacation so far!!! Hoping to make it back for your B-day Bash next year and hopefully get some tix this time.

We went back to the Cantina on Fri night the 15th and had a blast watching the band and doing shots of Cabo Wabo Tequilla which was a 1st for us also. Met some cool folks and did several Tequlia shots with them, WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!

I don't know how you manage to keep up with 2 bands but you're the man!!!!

Keep on Rockin Sammy and hope to see ya at your next B-day Bash!!!! Would love to do a shot with ya!!!!

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well Tex, according to Sammy if you've been there once, you HAVE been there twice!!

So, does that mean if you've been there twice you've really been FOUR times? Shit I can't do math anyway.

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Ill so be there next year, I've been there once (Sammy's 60th)and I at least gotta be there twice..

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Starting Cabo piggy bank today! Have never missed a show in Tahoe, went on your cruise, see you all over CA and best of all you just rocked our fair in Fresno. Now gotta add your birthday bash to my "going" status. Just got your pic tattooed on my shoulder from the Never say goodbye CD hopefully one day you will sign it for me!!!

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Every year we try like anything to get to the bash but we never have been able to do it. Was thrilled when Sammy was going to play in Vegas a few years back got tickets and hotel and sadly he had to cancel. So next year we will be there when your "64"...... we have to be no more excues for us!!!!!

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Are you kidding me! I will love you when you're 84! What a trouper you are! I can only manage to get to Tahoe Wabo. Maybe some day I'll get to the birthday bash. Loved the fan cam! Couldn't hear the band very well but it was a blast to watch the fans! Keep on rockin'! Joan *Blue Jean Juliet*

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What a show on the 13th. We had a blast. I can't wait to try to get tickets for next year. I hope that I can get more than one night. Keep Rockin' and we'll "see you when your 64."

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Thanks for the great time in Cabo Sammy, it was our 1st and you truly made it a vacation of a lifetime that we'll never forget. Don't listen to the oldtime fans, they'll still return, giving everyone the experience without having to sleep on those crazy sidewalks was perfect. Hoping to see you 'when you turn 64'

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So Sammy love's the ticketing system because so many new fans came down this year. What is that telling the fans that have been going for years? Also am I the only oldtime fan that is upset with that statement. Don't get me wrong I went all 4 nights and had a blast. Yet there seemed to be a lot more pushing and shoving this year(can you say new fans). Just my two cents. And what was with the mini Sammy look-a-like? He was creepy!


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What a blast Sammy....never thought someone could have that good of a time.

Until next year!
-The Virgins

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Sammy had a great time again at your show . I can't beleve how you can keep rocking the way you do at 63 . On top of that you came out sick and still played great. You played some of my favotite songs that tuesday night. I have been to your bash 6 out of the last 7 years and I can't wait for next year!! It is so great every year to see the other half Michael Anthony join you on stage and kick ass! you guys can rock !!

I had freinds that went to your show at the fresno state fair, were you & the waboritos kick ass in the rain.
Keep rocking & keep Chicken Foot going! See you in Cabo!!!!

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Well here's one virgin who started planning how to get her happy ass to Cabo 2011 the minute this one was over...fan cam ROCKED!! And you're a trooper as always Sammy, was SO bummed to hear you were sick, and SO pumped to see you back up there the very next day, you're UNREAL!!

WAY glad to hear the new DVD is not too far away, I gotta have it!!

Just gotta get through this pesky PA winter and we'll see you in Tahoe Sammy. LOVE YOU!!!



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We have big plans for next year..... will you still need me,
will you still come and see me when I'm 64?


Making plans already Sammy .... thanks for another great
Libra-fest [10/17/57] Rock n Roll party, it does seem to
get better every year so we'll see ya when your 64 ...
for SURE

MichiganMike and Carla

If I'd been out playin' till quarter to three
Would you lock the door,
Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four?

oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oooo
You'll be older too, (ah ah ah ah ah)
And if you say the word,
I could stay with you.

I could be handy mending a fuse
When your lights have gone.
You can knit a sweater by the fireside
Sunday mornings go for a ride.

Doing the garden, digging the weeds,
Who could ask for more?
Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four?

MichiganMike and Carla

to all my extended CABO family thanks
and lets meet again next year

Doc , Laura and sis luv the Cabo pic

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This was one for the books for sure!! Thanks Sammy!! Glad you feel better!!
Much love!!

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Hey Sammy,

My second year down there fist night I was FDIC and learned to time travel on tequila...at the Cantina then WOW how did I wind up in the hotel :-) Count me in for the next year as well :-)

Ottawa, Ontario

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We'll be there!! Will be my 40th (on 13th!), so we'll be ready to party w you all!!

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We love you Sammy !! This year was great. I feel so lucky to share your Birthday Bash shows with you. We will see you in 2011. Thanks, Postalboy in Phoenix...............P.S. Good to see the family of Redheads. It's like a family reunion every year !!