2011 Bash Ticket Sales

October 29, 2010 by locorico1013
2011 Bash Ticket Sales
It's Only Rock 'n Roll......

Dear Sammy/Red Rocker Ticketing:

It seems like everyone is happy with the way Bash ticketing went down this year. Thankfully, I was one of the fortunate ones who got tickets for all of the shows. Haven't missed a single one in 7 years. It's hard to remember a lot of them, but the pictures remind me I was there!

I'd like to make just one request for next year if you decide to sell tickets again - please make the announcement as early as possible. Many of us buy airline tickets well in advance of October - sometimes as much as a year in advance! Unfortunately, I know a lot of people who bought plane tix early who couldn't get get concert tix online this year. They were folks who normally don't mind waiting in line. But with that program scrapped this year, they were S.O.L. for getting to see any of the shows.

I've noticed a number of artists lately who are selling tickets almost 6 months ahead of their gigs (Gaga, U2, etc.). Obviously, a great cash flow/operations strategy. So it would surely benefit all if we knew we had concert tickets before we bought the airline tickets. What do you say, guys? How about announcing Bash dates and selling tickets sometime in April/May next year? What does everyone think of this idea?

Thanks for all the fun, Sam. You're my hero and an inspiration to us all. See ya soon, FDIC.


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Line time!!

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Hey Doug - I'm not speaking for anybody. But when Sammy, Cabo Wabo, etc. learned that they can gross another $25K+ per night selling tickets, you'll never see them given away again. I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see it happening. If the line was really the reason why they changed it this year, why did they tolerate lines for the dinner tickets? Yep. Cha-ching.

And I also agree with Brando on the fact that the vibe was absolutely different this year. I had the unpleasant experience of "interacting" with some newbies that were complete assholes. These dicks couldn't sing the lyrics to two songs but acted like they owned the place (I'm being polite/discreet). Not cool. But as a wise man once said - "the only constant in life is change". And as another has said, "it is what it is". Rock on....

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there are many cliques that go to the cantina shows within the same redhead family. i have stood on vics side half way back for every show for seven years with the same 25 or so people. this year half of those did'nt get tix after purchasing airfare. so they did not go. lost money canceling trip. i am sure that had happened to many other group's within the same family. also i saw people i usually got to spend hours in line together catching up on each others lives over the last year for a few seconds in passing each other in the club. it is nice to have new people getting to go to the shows, but for the most part they were not nice. there was way to much tension and pushing and shoving this year. one guy in our group, that wouldn't cause any problem ever was put in an almost physical confrontation with a new guy. he left to the bano from his spot he had already been standing in and returned and asked a guy to let him back to stand with his friends. the guy told him F" off. i am sure there are many other instances in the same manner. please play on the beach so everybody in town can go, or bring back the line! peace love and hairgrease, adios, brando....

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I liked the online ticketing system and would vote for it again! I was able to see two shows that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. In this economy it's too big of a risk to shell out $3000-$5000 for the week's trip to Cabo in hopes of getting into the Cantina. If you're able to get tickets in advance you can maximize your trip, have a total blast and not worry.

Keep the ticketing!
Here's to the Birthday Bash 2011.

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Yeah, what Wooky said...

Rick I got no problem with you, but Please don't speak for me... I'm NOT sold on the online ticket sales deal...

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Bring back the line!!!