Sympathy For The Human (Circle @Home Sessions No. 10)

Directed by: Jon Luini
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This song has always been one of my favorite's from the Wabo era. Whenever we started a show with this song it always ended up being a great one. Sympathy for the Human - ain't it the truth.

It's episode 10 of the Circle @Home Sessions.

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Sympathy for the human, this song is needs to be heard more often by anyone and everyone. Hoping to see Sammy sooner than later, stuck here in the southeast and last time I saw him was at the Charlotte motor speedway. Maybe Sammy could have pay per view concerts for every concert he puts on across the country. They don't need to be to expensive and could generate money for charities.Anyway Rock on Sammy!

arizonaac's picture

Good video, as were the first nine.

Any word on the birthday bash.

I would hope there would be an official statement saying no go or go.

We will be there as we have all year the past 23. I know this is a crazy year but even in 2002 so soon after Hurricane Juliette there was a bash; probably the last time Cabo Wabo was not full on October 13th We had a blast.