Past Event

Oct 12 2010
Vicente Guerrero
Cabo, BCS, Mexico


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:30PM. Concert on the 11th moved to the 12th due to Sammy being sick. Special Guest Performers: Chris Angel, Steve Harwell (Smashmouth) and Michael Anthony. David Lauser sang lead vocals on "Satisfaction" and Michael Anthony sang lead vocals on "Runnin' With The Devil". Bling Bling guest vocals on "Fight For Your Right To Party"



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 7  Redhead Comments

rberta1's picture

Well we finally made it to Cabo. We're being mobbed by timeshare people. So far, my husband thinks the cab ride to the hotel has been the best part of the trip so far, the cab driver was driving 80 to 100mph. Other than that, visiting the cantina and meeting some real nice redheads from around the country was great. I'm sure seeing Sammy will overrule the cab ride. Looking forward to tonight.

xlharr's picture

I am so bummed. Everyone Enjoy and give him a birthday hug for me.

RIRedrocker's picture

LMAO, that's what it means Mike! How cool is that! It's gonna be one helluva week...gotta remember to pace yourself!!

5150Mike's picture

Holy Crap this means 6 straight days of partying at the Cantina. I'm gonna need to take an extra week off just to recover from my hangover.

pjew's picture

WOOHOO, wasn't lucky enough to get tickets for the concerts, praying i am lucky to get dinner tickets but no matter what at least i know i will be there for the video showing on the 10th and 12th!!!

tick tock it's almost time to ROCK!!!

theeditor's picture

I think this is a typo. If I have it right the show begins at 9PM NOT 7PM


RIRedrocker's picture

F*in A!!!!! Can this B-day bash get much better??? I can't wait!!!! C U N Cabo in 8 days!!!