10-12-10 Official setlist

October 15, 2010 by 5150Mike
10-12-10 Official setlist
Sammy sick as a dog but still rockin!!

Tuesday nights setlist;

Love or Money
Baby's on Fire
Goin down
Make it last
Rock Candy
Bad Motor Scooter
Satisfaction(David Lauser on vocals) Hilarious!!
Sexy little thing
Whole lotta love
There's only one way to rock
Finish what ya started
Runnin with the devil
Fight for you right
Mas tequila

Special guest "Bling Bling" and Yes Sammy walked right through the crowd at the end through the bar doors and right out the back door!!

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We looked for you guys after the show but no luck. We were all the way in the back that night by the bar since the Monday show got moved and we had already booked a sunset cruise that got back to the marina at 9pm so we had to haul ass back to the Cantina before the show started, but Sammy went right by us on the way out that night so that was cool.

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Missed you guys on the 12th , we were at the back , on the floor right in the center. Packed in like sardines , feet were soaked with beer by the end . Lots of guitar action as Sam was taking lots of breaks from singing. Loved all the Montrose songs played.

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Yes, I'm in one piece but sore from head to toe. I parasailed, Ziplined, rappelled, golfed three times and drank like a fish (never completely wasted but kept my buzz going all week) I'll post more pictures later but I wanted to get the setlists out before I lost them in my phone.

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Mike you son-of-a-gun!!! I think you were on fan cam but the damn thing froze on us!!!

Missed ya 'round here buddy, glad you're back in one piece...you ARE in one piece aren't you?

Peace buddy!!