Ten~13 Bash, Cabo Fan-Cam 2010...SUCCESS!!!

October 17, 2010 by Redlover
Ten~13 Bash, Cabo Fan-Cam 2010...SUCCESS!!!
Cabo Wabo Cantina 2010 Fan-Cam


Well, this one is in the books! ☺
Happy New Year to a brand new you Sammy!!!

This Fan-Cam was great because it allowed more of us to celebrate Sammy's B-Day 'with' him! Loved it! ♥
The chat thing was cool too! Hard to keep up on that but it was FUN!
Sammy & CREW, for ALL you guys constantly do for us, I THANK YOU! (You're workin' too hard...heheh! ;-])

BIG Kudos & REDLOVE to you ALL!


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@Matt-I believe they should do BOTH!!!


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Hello, well we made it to the CWC for the BD Bash. I was on the cam for few mins sending a shout out to all of you and my family. It was such a great time... wish you were there. Soooo many rh fans and everyone we met up with was so much fun. We got a chance to chat with David Lauser, Vic Johnson in the CWC patio after the shows. We got to spend time with Darlene & Don (and his herim) Alicia, Mike, Doug, Diane, Randy, Kelly... so many wonderful good people. I thought of you and wondered how was the FRESNO Show? I saw the set list and I see he played Eagles Fly in the rain. We got the same show back couple of years of ago in Devore (So Cal) concert and he played where eagles fly while the mist, sprinkled the whole time, but it was so cool. Let's keep in touch and we can maybe meet one day at one of the shows? I still yet take the trek to Cabo Tahoe?

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I agree, it was nice to be able to be part of the birthday bash, even though I wasn't there. Maybe next time they could just film the band and not the drunks hanging out not paying any attention to the band. Just a thought:)

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yes once again this was SERIOUSLY awesome!! Especially for those of us who haven't been yet...YET!!! That chat was CRAZY fast but SO fun!! Maybe we could see one of these for Cinco de Tahoe 2011? Just a thought....