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katherine tanton
July 15, 2010
austin, tx
June 25

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Jan 10, 2013
Cabo Virgin nomore....

I would not even know where to begin to discribe my first adventure to Cabo....I have often thought to write about the whole jurney from start to finish because none would believe it...and it really a good laugh...especially in Sammy's camp...because it is such a crazy story from start to finish.

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Oct 5, 2012
Headed down South where the Big Blue Agave grow baby!!!!

After all these years I am finally making it to Cabo...I cant believe it - I am so excited to meet and party with all you Redheads... Everyone have a save trip and cant wait to see you'll FDIC...

Gonna be a BLAST...

15 hours and counting....YooHooo
Katherine from Austin

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Sep 30, 2012
5 days to Cabo

Any word on the re-draw for tickets yet???

5 days and counting till my first Trip to Cabo - sooo excited - still looking for 1 ticket to either the 11th and/or the 13th shows...Please email me if you happen to be lucky enough to have 1 extra ticket to either show.....Its going to be such a blast with or without tickets...YooHoo

Cabo here I finally come!!

Katherine in Austin

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Aug 14, 2012
Sammy's beach bar Rum is now in Texas baby!!!

Sammy's Beach Bar Rum is now in 3 SPEC'S....and more stores being added everyday...Brodie Ln. store in Austin...Smith Street store in Houston...and Royal Lane store in Dallas....YOOHOO

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Aug 5, 2012
Rookie Redhead going SOLO to Cabo...

My friend just backed out of our trip so it looks like I am headed to cabo solo...Ready to book my trip now and thinking the RUI Santa Fe has the cheapest rates for rooms...and it sounds like lots of Redheads staying there...no tickets to the BB for me so I guess I will be camping out with the rest of the less fortunate ones including myself that did not score tickets.

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Jul 29, 2012
Tick Tock - Tick Tock...Anxiously awaiting the lottery results!!!

Man oh man - anyone heard anything but the drawing as yet??? I have kept my email open all weekend...and I got nothing so far...hoping and praying for at least 1 show for my virgin Cabo trip this year!!!

Anxiously awaiting the lottery results in Texas!!!

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Jul 23, 2012
Ok its all a matter of Luck of the Draw now!!!

Ok I registered now its a matter of prayers and LUCK from here on out...man I hope I score at least 1 pair of tickets to 1 show...if not I will be on the street in line all night for dinner tickets...Cabo here we come...with or without BB tickets!!!
I have high hopes!!!!

Anxiously awaiting the lottery results!!!


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Jul 2, 2012
Redhead Rookie from Austin going to Cabo

Hey Redheads...seeking some Red Advise...I am a Red Rookie going to Cabo this year - about to book my trip - All Enclusive looks like the way to go but...have a couple of offers relately the same price for different Timeshares...not sure of the best way to go....and dont know anything about any of the Resorts...looked at so many online..I have no clue any more...please give me some Red Rocker Advise on THE Best Way to do Cabo and my first Birthday Bash...much appreciated...

Going this year from Austin

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Mar 12, 2012
Houston Chickenfoot Show

I got my meet and greet for the Houston Chickfoot show - I am so siked...have no idea what to expect but I know it's gonna be a blast...if your going hit me up - met so many cool and fun RedHeads at the Woodlands last year - lets hook up again!!!

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Aug 5, 2010
Pre- Party - House of Blues Tent

Meet all you Redheads at the House of Blues tent - I'll be wearing my Chickenfoot shirt and a cowboy hat...Lets paint the Woodlands RED baby!!!


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