302_Boss_Chick Favorites

Dreams/Cabo (Song)
Remote Love (Song)
Sammy Hagar (Discography Version)
Flamingos Fly (Song)
Hot and Dirty (Song)
Through The Fire (Discography Version)
Livin' It Up (Discography Version)
Sam I Am (Song)
Reckless (Song)
Musical Chairs (Discography Version)
Chickenfoot (Discography Version)
Get Your Buzz On Live! (Discography Version)
Chickenfoot (Discography Version)
Street Machine (Discography Version)
24365 (Song)
Shag (Song)
Spanked (Song)
Kama (Song)
Get Up (Song)
Sam (Fan Photo)
Montrose (Discography Version)
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (Discography Version)
Ten 13 (Discography Version)
Balance (Discography Version)
Chickenfoot (Page)
Sammy Hagar (Biography)