Future in the Past

September 03, 2010 by sammyhagar
Future in the Past

It was 1973 and I was on my first national tour. Montrose was a helluva band but then so was Aerosmith. I will never forget when we played Cobo Hall in Detroit that summer. They called it Rock City and we certainly did our part to make that the truth. Now it's four decades later, it's the Wabos doing Rock Candy not Montrose, but some things never change, I'm still back stage with my man Steven Tyler, and we are still havin' a great time together. I want to say it here and now, Steven is one of the greatest front men of all time.

We just did our last gig of the tour in Cincinnati and it was fantastic. Brad Whitford from The A-Smiths joined us onstage for Mas Tequila. I'm serious, I love that guy. He was on the side of the stage for our set every single night. Sorry to see the end of this road but it's that time again. What time is it? C'mon now, It's Chickenfoot time!! Chad, Mike and Jojo together again. Indio, Tahoe, hello? And then it's not too long before the Bash. I hope you got tickets. See you there...



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302_Boss_Chick's picture

ain't that the truth Harleymomma? Sammy definitley proves that the old "age is just a number" saying is true ...even in person you'd never believe his chronological age. I hope whatever his secret is, it's contagious!!

Harleymomma08's picture

Love the picture...hard to believe you guys are the same age...Sammy you look 10 yrs younger...sorry Steven...enjoyed your show in Houston...next stop Cabo...

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Heading to Cabo for Bash show #1 & #4....oh yeah, and my wedding on the 10th!! Can't wait. You'll be the last show we see as a single couple and the 1st as a married couple. (You were also the 1st metal show I ever took her to)

Thanks for being you!

rockemsockem1's picture

cool picture man see you on the 11th right on sam

Michiganmike's picture

Hey Mark don't know about you but those were sum
great times in Detroit for myself at the famous
'air conditioned' Cobo Hall ...

My mecca for all that rocked back then

Now it seems to be Cabo San Lucas n Sammy's Cantina .


302_Boss_Chick's picture

just had to add... you are super cute in this pic Sammy, as always!!

sorry, I'm shameless♥

**footnote** guess my shamelessness paid off.

Have you ever kissed a laptop screen? I have♥


Motor City Mark's picture

That was my first concert. A fantastic event that I'll never forget.

Michiganmike's picture

I too will never forget when you played Cobo Hall
in Detroit that summer.

They called it Detroit ... Rock City !!!
we certainly did our part to make that the truth.

And so did we Sammy inside Cobo , my first time
seeing Montrose and you


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There's a team Steven Tyler and Sammy Hagar...Rock on u guys...

debrlaing's picture

See you in Tahoe! Can't wait!!! We look forward to partying it up at the Cabo Wabo Cantina before and after the show too.

michelle1way2rk's picture

That is an amazing picture of Sammy and Steven - WOW! Two of the greatest front men of ALL time right there in one picture.

Yep, it is Chickenfoot time!! I'll see you in Indio AND Tahoe. Now that's what I call a Rock~N~Roll Weekend!!!!

Rock on,

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One month till we're in Cabo again and less than 5 weeks now till the Bash. Can't wait Sammy!!! This pic is of TWO of rock's greatest frontmen ever- love it!

OneRedDuck's picture

You all rocked the River in Cincy!!! That was a show that I will never forget! THANK YOU SAMMY, WABOS & AEROSMITH!


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Hey Sammy, thanks for the great show in Cincinnati! I agree Steven Tyler is one of the best rock frontmen, but you are right up there also, and don't forget Paul Stanley, he's pretty damn good too. I was lucky enough to see three of the greats this past week, KISS in Atlanta Tuesday night, you and the Wabos with Aerosmith Thursday night in Cincinnati. What a great week! You and the Wabos sounded great as usual, loved the set list. Can't wait to hear some new Chickenfoot. Thanks again Sammy for a great rock n' roll evening, you never disappoint!

sherriew's picture

Totally awesome show last night in Cincinnati, Sammy!!! Chrissy & I were blown away by seeing you guys & Aerosmith in one show!! Love the picture of you guys together! I really loved your inspi(red) shirt last night too!! I am always inspired by the Red Rocker!! Thanks for making Chrissy's dream of seeing her two favorite bands in one show come true! I've never seen Cincinnati rock so good!!


vettegirl63's picture

We had a blast in Holmdel, NJ & Atlantic City last week!! Great concerts!! Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to get pictures with us! You Rock! We got our tix's for the B-day Bash! C U N CABO!!

juliet073's picture

You did ROCK Cinti last nite-thanks for an awesome show. Most fun I've had all summer.

RedCon's picture

See you in Tahoe, was not going to use my tickets I got in June for Tahoe concert after my soulmate of 29 years passed last week, but after everyone telling me I have to go.................I'm going!

kielk046's picture

Looking forward to Indio. Still jam to the current music.......hope for a TASTE o' the new!!! Bring it on....

302_Boss_Chick's picture

OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE I WILL BE THERE IN INDIO TO SEE YOU IN JUST A WEEK!!!! Two long months I have been waiting and it's almost here....I'm telling you if anyone who sees this has any clout whatsoever, and wants to give this girl the best birthday gift on the planet, you tell Sammy and the boys I am flying 2300 miles JUST FOR THEM...and if any power on this planet will give me the honor of getting to meet them and thank them in person for being the four most talenetd and entertaining guys in the universe, I would be eternally greatful, you have no idea what this trip means to me. I ♥ YOU SAMMY, I ♥ Chickenfoot, and think my head is going to explode if I don't get to see you soon.

PEACE everyone!!


P.S. - this will be my first Sammy and/or CF show ever, can ya tell?