Past Event

Sep 10 2010
84-245 Indio Springs Pkwy
Indio, CA




Show 8:00PM.
To view and upload photos and videos from this show, please also visit the Chickenfoot community at

Exclusive Chickenfoot pre-show Soundcheck package upgrade packages were available for this show.

Package included:

  • - Exclusive Access to the Chickenfoot pre-show Soundcheck Official Chickenfoot Tour Shirt
  • - Early Entry/Soundcheck Laminate
  • - Limited Edition Chickenfoot Event Poster
  • - Collectible, Autographed 8X10 band photo



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 16 Redhead Comments

m.powers's picture

Sammy Rocks!! He loves Fan interaction. He is a
great guy. I am proud to be a part of his club!!

redrocker7-3-2010's picture

Anyone got the setlist from this show?

302_Boss_Chick's picture

thanks everyone!! Can't wait to meet all you awesome people in the flesh!!

nannettee078's picture

well i'll be there and you can take me if you want : ) lol! LUCKY GIRL!

michelle1way2rk's picture

Holy moly, you lucky girl!!! That is great news. Talk about making the trip worth while, wowzers!!!

See ya at the show. Guess you'll be the one walking on the clouds! Safe travels.

Rock on,

302_Boss_Chick's picture

OH MY LORD I am having a mini breakdown right now this CANNOT be real!!! I am sitting here crying like a fool right now this is unbelieveable thank thank you thank you thank you. I am speechless. My only problem is I get 2 passes and I'm giong alone!! holy shit I AM GONNA PASS OUT THANK YOU THANK YOU.


302_Boss_Chick's picture

That's what I'm hoping, wouldn't that be sweet???

CANNOT believe only another 12 days to go!! UNREAL!!

redrocker7-3-2010's picture

Does anyone think Chickenfoot will play any songs from their next album at this concert?

Redlover's picture

Vegas will always be there for your NEXT special outing! LOL! Have fun you two!!!! :-)

302_Boss_Chick's picture

yes. Foot. Good idea. Hope to see you there!!!!

etweedy's picture

So, I am thinking about dumping a trip to Vegas to see The Foot. Vegas or The Foot, Vegas or The Foot. Crap, this is a hard decision. Same weekend. Was taking the wife to Vegas for the first time but she is a huge fan of The Foot and I am the biggest Sammy fan on the planet, as the rest of you are. I could always tell her we are going to Vegas and then go to see The Foot instead. hmmmmm.

302_Boss_Chick's picture

I don't know that I'd necessarily call it "Sammy's band", I mean I would be stoked to meet all the guys, they are all such amazing musicians and fun dudes as well. I came to the Chickenfoot party kinda late so didn't know about any shows earlier in the year that may have had the opportunity for a meet & greet, who knows. Sucks that the only way you get a chance for these shows is to fork out $250 for the soundcheck package. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be a blast anyway.

redrockerstalker's picture

they are not giving a backstage pass cuz this is not a solo sammy neither was vegas opening for aerosmith, but they gave a pass for that one..come on guys its sammys band..

302_Boss_Chick's picture

come on we've got 44 days to go...what's the chances you give us Chickenfoot followers a chance at scoring a backstage pass??

Don't make me beg...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssseeeeeeeeeee!!

Wow that was pathetic. I'll have you know I would not do that for anyone else.

Hey all you happy faces I see up here that are going...still looking to make some pals to hang out with when I get to Cali, e-mail me!! I'm harmless, I swear. ☺


302_Boss_Chick's picture

OMG could the next 58 days go any slower?

I'm still lookin' for some RedHead party pals to hook up with in Cali for my b-day, hit me up if you wanna chill with the COOLEST chick to ever come out of Western PA...haha!!

Nora, I'll be lookin' for you my fellow 9/9!! :-D

NoraKane's picture

I am there!!! Can't wait!!!!!.....Since its my Birthday week, I will be giving Sammy a very special present during the concert!!!! Who says that you just have to receive presents on your Birthday!!! HE IS GOING TO LOVE IT!!!!