Got my BUZZ ON!! Now, how do I turn it off?

September 12, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick
Got my BUZZ ON!!  Now, how do I turn it off?

Well RedHeads, I am back, and as you can see, a full fledged member of the RedHead family. What an amazing experience this was. Let me start by saying that everything everyone has always said was SO true, Sammy and his people are just awesome. So gracious, couldn't have asked for a better time. I met SO many RedHeads and loved them all!! Apologies to anyone I called by the wrong name, or just flat out forgot your name. I met, hugged, kisssed, and partied with so many of you, and it was the most fun I think I have ever had. you guys and gals all made me feel SO loved and welcome. California was awesome, my first time with mountains and desert...and the California freeway!! Yay Smart Car!!! LOL!! Not only got to meet Sammy, but Chad, Kari, and Kari's mom. No Mikey or Joe :-( but that's okay. Got my "Ten 13" CD signed, got Chad and Sammy to sign my Chickenfoot CD/DVD, got my husband's VH shirt signed by Sammy who then had it sent backstage for Mikey to sign (YAY!!), gave Sammy my own personal Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel and told him he HAS to come to the 'Burgh now!! Plus he signed the shirt I was wearing (right on my chest eeeee!!!) without me even asking. Best of all, got not one but TWO hugs!! Even though they were trying to move things alongs he really took what little time he had with us to sign everything and really gave us his full attention. I thought I was gonna be a nervous fool, but he just makes you feel so at ease, you get zero "big rockstar" vibe from him. The show was spectacular, rocked my SOCKS off!! Seriously, I had to find them afterwards LOL!! I am still trying to process all of this, the whole trip felt like it took about 5 minutes. I miss EVERYONE already!! Even those of you I only got to talk to for a few minutes♥ I hadn't even left the hotel and was already trying to plan my next trip. Can't say it enough, thanks so much to everybody, you are all the best people on this planet. Here's hoping this is just the beginning of my RedHead adventures.

LOVE you ALL!!



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I have to say everything you wrote I was feeling, and I have to say he is ONE AMAZING MAN! The redheads are amazing too!!!!!

Jeanette mentioned she had a great time with you :)

I sure hope one day I get to experience what you did!

Aloha and Rock on,

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Bobby, we had about 4 minutes with him, but that's 4 minutes I will never forget. I could have thanked him for, and asked him about so many things if I'd had the time. But, I did get to hug him (twice!!) and tell him THANK YOU, and LOVE YOU!!♥ Yeah it was pretty great, and if I could find a way to give this experience to every RedHead out there I sure would. What Sammy says is true..."just don't give up"...maybe not everyone will get to be as lucky as I was my first time out, but don't ever think dreams can't come true.



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You are such a lucky chick.Im so gelouse!im totaly glad you got to meet sammy.and on your birthday too.that must heve been fricken awsome.if i met Sammy about all i could say is thanx for the sound track to my life!

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absolutley, he's just as awesome as everyone says he is, and so are all the people who work with him, just the greatest.

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Glad you had a great time. Sounds like Sammy was just as cool as the time I got to meet him.

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LOL OMG yeah I totally forgot about us asking him to clarify his lyrics, that was great!! He didn't know what to say LMAO!!

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And Stef knows that SHE is totally getting cropped on MY pic when I post it on MY profile! LMAO! Love ya girlie! (Waving @ Jan too!...OH!!! Jan! We asked Sammy for ya, "Science or silence???" He said SILENCE. So now we know! LOL!)

Redloves to ya! ♥


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Glad you had a great time.


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BTW Jeanette already knew she was TOTALLY getting cropped from this picture LOL!! So, it's cool.