LOVE!!! LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

September 13, 2010 by Redlover
LOVE!!!  LOVE!!!!  LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Why, oh why, do great times like this have to go by so FAST? I had more fun than should be allowed on this trip!

Left home at 6am and drove nearly 9 hours to be at this show. Long way to go for an over-nighter but this was one trip that I was more than happy to wear myself out for! LOL!

First off, gotta give BIG kudos and thanks to all who made this whole thing possible for me! First off...THANK YOU to my wonderful hubby, Bill, who gave his blessings for me to go in the first place! Love you babe!!!♥

And Stef...OMG...Stef, Stef, Stef...where do I begin? G/F, you just ROCK, you know that dontcha? ☺ I am so grateful and honored that you allowed me to share your wonderful trip with you. It was so great to finally meet you!!! I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Loved every single minute! Sure do miss ya now that it'a all said and done. We MUST do this again...and SOON!!!! ♥{{{HUGS}}}♥

Thank you to the whole team here at and the stage crew who work so hard to make each show the best it can be. Huge hugs to Rich, Steve & Paul for making this M&G very special for us. Love and hugs to Dugie for once again laying those magic little plastic pieces of happiness on me...dude, I gave away all but two! Gonna have to re-stock when I see ya again! Love ya Brutha!♥

Thanks also to Mikey and Joe, even tho I didn't get to see them in the M&G, you two are also such wonderful people and you ROCK my world! The show was AWESOME!!! (as always!)
I pray I will get to see you both again before too long!!

Mikey...look out...I am coming along good with learning the bass! Big thanks to you (and also Mona!) for inspiring me to even give it a try! I'll post some vids of what I've learned soon. I think you might be happy with my progress! I know I am!!!! ♫♪☺

To Kari and Chad, thank you for being so gracious for allowing me to have a picture with you!
Chad, you are a wonderful human being and I am so glad to have met you!!! Wishing you continues success in all you do!!! ♥

Kari, what can I say girl, you are the epitome of beauty, inside and out! Love you sweet lady!!!♥ Thank you for always being so kind to me whenever I see you and for 'sharing' your man with all of us time and time again. I can't imagine how hard it must be to be married to someone that so many women are 'in love' with.
Sammy got a true keeper when he found YOU! Far as I'm concerned, God couldn't have created a more beautiful and perfect couple than you two!!! Much, much love coming your way sista!♥

And last, but most definitly NOT LEAST...Sammy.

My brother, my idol, my dearest friend in my have made the light in my world shine so bright, so many times. A simple 'thank you' just doesn't seem like it will ever be enough... but it is all I have.

I was at a loss meeting you this time. Everyone always seems to have something extremely cool to give you. I had nothing.
I could never give you anything of material value that would ever measure up to thanking you for the amount of love I have gotten from you over these last 30+ years. All I can do is to tell you that you have gotten the biggest gift from me that I can possibly heart. ♥ It's yours forever....THANK YOU SOOO MUCH. You are simply the BEST and I truly DO love you!♥

I hope this won't be the last time I ever get to speak to you. I have so much more that I would love to ask you and things I long to tell you....maybe someday. And I still hope to get a chance to sing a whole song (or more!) with you (off-stage) someday. I wanna make you proud that I have come to appreciate and love music as much as I do...all because of your wonderful influence. ♫♥♪

I wish you nothing but continued success, happiness for the rest of your days and love beyond all measure!!! Rock on Brother!

Redlove ♥ & Peace /|\ ALWAYS!


(P.S.-See ya in Fresno! Front and center, Baby!!!☺♪♫)

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 4  Redhead Comments

302_Boss_Chick's picture

Randi, at this point I can honestly say Sammy's probably not doin' it for the $$$$

redrandi's picture

What a great pic!!
Lucky lady!
I like to put cartoon bubbles above your heads saying stuff.
Sam is thinking "Another loyal fan! $$$$$$$$"
You are thinking " How do I get rid of KARI"??!!!
I m so JEALOUS!!!!!
Rock on, sister-friend!

Redlover's picture

THANK YOU for the Alt lesson Stef! It's enriched my world immensely!!! ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙♂♀♪♫☼►,!

And actually, I believe it was closer to FOUR minutes. ;-)
That's going on my 'Sammy-Clock' bank-of minutes you know...I think I've had maybe 20 or 25 minutes of 'face-time' all together now. I feel so totally BLESSED!


302_Boss_Chick's picture

all that and not even one single credit for the person who taught you how to type hearts and notes and smileys. sheesh.

LOL!! Seriously, thanks for posting this Jeanette. All I did was gush (again, sorry folks) about what a great time I had..I think I threw in a few thank let me just say that I WHOLLY second EVERYTHING JA here has to say, every word of it. I challenge fans of any other artist/actor/sports figure or whatever to find one as humble and connected to his fans as Sammy and his whole crew, it's so refreshing in this world for someone with that much success to still be so real to himself and his fans. We only had about 3 minutes, but darnit if he didn't give us his full attention and satisfy every request we could squeeze in during that 3 minutes. Love it.

Peace all!!