Past Event

Sep 2 2010
6295 Kellogg Avenue
Cincinnati, OH


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:30PM.



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 18 Redhead Comments

brownieou812's picture

Took a buddy that is a huge Aerosmith fan and Sammy "Virgin" to the show last night. He was blown away and thoroughly impressed with Sammy and the Wabos. His exact quote after the set, "Damn dude....Aerosmith better be on their A game tonight because Sammy just kicked our ass hardcore!" He has always liked Sammy but did not expect him to rock so hard and throw such a party. Now he understands why I don't miss a show and fly all over the country or Cabo to see him!!! The place was packed last night for Sammy and I once again had a blast!! What a way to end a tour!!

sdturner35's picture

Sammy rocked last night, I think he put on a better show than Aerosmith. At least that was the comment from people around us.

gregt035's picture

Awesome show wish they would have played longer. Its always a party when Sammy is playin.

shayh026's picture

@cabowbo....Happy Birthday fellow REDHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

shayh026's picture

the countdown is on....just 5 more hrs and I will be rockin with the REDROCKER in Cincinnati at Riverbend...wooo hoooo...cant wait, I got my radio blastin some Sammy and pickin up a bottle of wabo on the way since I have a DD, the weather is perfect for an outdoor concert and even better for an awesome wicked time!!!!

tanyaredrockerfan's picture

Had the chance to see Sammy in AC last weekend an what a great show . You rock Sammy . Love ya

crystmas's picture

One more day till Sammy and Aerosmith rock Ohio. Cant wait!

kevinm0131's picture

Got's myself some tix finally. I'll be there!

sherriew's picture

Whoo Hoo!! Only one more week til we see you & Aerosmith in Cincy, Sammy!! Chrissy & I will be there - trying to get another of our 3 tequila head pics to you! ;) We will be somewhere in the Aeroforce 1 fan section - but we will be wearing our Sammy gear!! :) This is going to be so much fun!! We like Aerosmith but "There's NO Substitute for RED!!"

Sherrie & Chrissy Wiesmann

mammawabo's picture

My daughter and I are going, can't wait to ROCK!

Johnna Massie's picture

Getting excited about partying with Sammy and friends in Cinci. Bringing 4 Sammy virgins with us who are long time Aerosmith fans. Saw him in Tahoe and he was awesome. Never thought I would be lucky enough to see him again this year. Should be a great night!

Redlover827's picture

Red Rocker You are AWSOME and I long for the day that I can shake your hand and my girlfriend give you a big Hug. You have inspeired so many in this rocking world. Look forward to seeing you and the show and what a great Venue .....Sammy Hagar and Aerosmith what a way to have a party for the year. You rock Brother..............Keep it up and don't ever stop finishing what you have started..............

markbianchi's picture

My wife and I and our two best friends just celebrated our wedding anniversaries at the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo. Now we are going to see Sammy together to continue the celebration. Mas Tequila!

Cabowbo's picture

Just booked a hotel for Sept 2nd - My birthday weekend is gonns get started early the RIGHT way !!! Only one way to ROCK YOUR BIRTHDAY !!! Hope I win the stage tickets !!! If there's a pre party somewhere in Cincy or KY let us know - we'll be there !! Staying in Newport and taxiing to the concert so we can all have a good time. Can't wait to see all you crazy OHIO redheads. Going to Cabo in the fall to - so I thing this will be my warm up for the Cabo parties !! C U N Cincy & C U N Cabo my redhead friends. Anita from Ohio

lars2k's picture

Can't wait to see Sammy and Aerosmith rock all night in Cincy!! Gonna be awsome baby!!

sherriew's picture

It's looks like there will be several REDheads at the show!! We've met some of you & it will be awesome to see you again & it's always nice to meet new Sammy friends!! :) We have met some really great people over the years going to Sammy shows! See you all on September 2 - you too Sammy & the Wabos!! It is ALWAYS TOTALLY AWESOME seeing you!! :))

Chrissy & Sherrie Wiesmann

STUDWIG13's picture

its been along since sammy rock and rolled in ohio!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait

ronm067's picture

Got my tickets today! Ready to Rock with Sammy!