Cincinnati was a rockin'!!

September 19, 2010 by sherriew

The Cincinnati show was great!! Sammy & the Wabos looked &
sounded great & they had the whole place filled & on their feet minutes after
they came out!! Chrissy got to see one of her "dreams come true" - Sammy
& Aersosmith together! She said the only thing that could have made it better
was Sammy & Steven singing together!!

We made a banner with our pic (the one of us with Sammy) glued at the top. It
said the "3 tequila heads are in the house!" Below that it said, "Pink, it's
like RED, but not quite!" ;) Then below that it said, "There's NO substitute
for RED!" The banner was in a plastic bag. We were back a ways from the stage
so Chrissy ran down front - to where the pit started. It was still a ways from
the stage to throw something up. The security lady started to give her a look
just as Chrissy gave the bag her best heave through the air. It landed on a
speaker that was slanted toward the floor. It slid down the speaker & onto the
floor between the stage & the pit! :( We thought that was the end of that!
Then we looked down front & there were Marcia & Tricia holding out our banner
for Sammy to see!! :)) Then they threw it up on stage! During the last song
he got it, & threw it over his shoulder & then opened it up, looked at our
picture, looked at us with a big grin & wrapped it around him!! :))) Thank-you
so much Marcia & Tricia!! They then managed to get someone to hand it back to
them after the show & they gave it back to us!! So cool guys!! Thank-you again
so much!!

Aerosmith sounded great too & we loved all of the show!

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