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Sherrie Wiesmann
June 11, 2010
Vevay, Indiana
May 2

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Jun 6, 2017
The Circle - They served us well! ;)

Gene, Jacey and I went to the Huber Heights show last night! The Circle rocked!! We loved every minute of it. Many thanks to my great Redhead friend, Marcia and her friends for handing Sammy our favorite pic. Love you! He signed it and I gave it to Jacey to keep. She is 15 and she had a great time too! Of course being my grand-daughter, she has grown up on Sammy's music! :) If you get a chance to go see The Circle, GO!!! You will have a blast! We did! Sammy was amazing - as always! Sammy and the Circle ROCK and Redheads RULE!

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Dec 24, 2010
Merry Christmas Sammy, the Wabos & REDheads

Well, it's time again to post our little poem that we have posted at Christmas
time on the SHML
since we wrote it a few years ago. We were getting ready to go to the library
to get
our email on a Saturday morning (didn't have a computer yet.)
Anyway , we were "inspired" ;) & wrote this in about 15 minutes &
posted it when we got to the library. It was the Christmas before
Red Voodoo came out & we had been to Cabo in October & saw Sammy
driving a black Cherokee down there. Anyway a very Merry Christmas
to all you REDheads, Paula, Sammy, Mike, & the Waboritas, & all your loved

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Sep 19, 2010
Cincinnati was a rockin'!!

The Cincinnati show was great!! Sammy & the Wabos looked &
sounded great & they had the whole place filled & on their feet minutes after
they came out!! Chrissy got to see one of her "dreams come true" - Sammy
& Aersosmith together! She said the only thing that could have made it better
was Sammy & Steven singing together!!

We made a banner with our pic (the one of us with Sammy) glued at the top. It
said the "3 tequila heads are in the house!" Below that it said, "Pink, it's
like RED, but not quite!" ;) Then below that it said, "There's NO substitute

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