Past Event

Oct 13 2012
Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash!


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:30PM.

The registration for Birthday Bash tickets was fast and furious (and happily free of any technical issues) and the random drawing has now completed!

If you were selected, you will have received an email confirmation. You may also check the status of your registration by visiting: Remember that you pick up your tickets at the club starting at 2pm the day of your show. Come early in the day to avoid long lines!

Thanks to all Redheads for your support and please stay in touch at for news and reports from the Bash. We wish we could fit everyone in the club, but there just isn't room!

Note: If you are planning on being in Cabo during the shows anyways, the only other tickets that will be available are extremely limited dinner ticket packages that will be sold first come, first served only from the venue on the following dates:
Noon on October 6th for the Shows on the 7th and 9th
Noon on October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th


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133 Redhead Comments

war10be's picture

i was there but did not have a ticket , my friends and i hung out front with the big screen going,still had a blast

small town girl's picture

Will be in Cabo this year on 10/13 turning big 50 on 10/13/13. Me and 2 old girl friends coming down to party

larryb055's picture

Rockin' Show - Thanks for the Webcast it was perfect.


Little White Lie
Sam I am
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Marching to Mars
Eagles Fly
Best of Both Worlds
The Girl Gets Around
I've Done Everything for You
I'll fall in Love Again
Your Love is Driving Me Crazy
Three Lock Box
Right Now
Whole Lotta Zep
Good Rockin' Tonight
Rock Candy
Man in the Box (Alice In Chains Cover)
Mas Tequila
Happy Birthday Sammy!!!

pjk's picture

lucked out and got to go see THE MAN on thurs night,thanks sooo much to sandy and you guys.

onemorshow's picture


2.Little White Lies
3.Sam I Am/Rainy Day Women
4.Marching to Mars
5.Eagles Fly
6.Best of Both Worlds
7.Girls Gets Around
8.I've Done Everything For You
9.I Fall In Love Again
10.Your Love
11.3-Lock Box
12.Right Now
13.Whole Lotta Zep/Red/Whole Lotta Zep

14.Good Rockin' Tonight
15.Rock Candy

Sammy-Jerry-Vic-Mona-Matt Sorum
16.Man in the Box
17.Mas Tequila with Emeril

tlawrence5's picture

Happy Birthday Sammy!!!! We love you! Looking forward to watching the live feed tonight:)

Nixhawg's picture

I know this is so last minute but my wifes birthday is on the 13th. tryin to do anything to get here to this show. we got married oct 8 and came right to cabo with hopes of getting one of the dinner tics. no luck. missed it by like 20 numbers. please e mail me if anyone can help.. ROCK ON \m/ \m/

stacey2dance's picture

We are looking for ONE extra ticket for the show on the 13th. If you have an extra, please email We will pay $$$ :)See you there!

SAA5150's picture

Cabo in 1 day!!! I'm excited, but unfortunately didn't get any tickets :( If anyone has an extra for the 11th or 13th and can meet up in Cabo, let me know please! I know this is short notice, but just in case. Thanks! My email is

- Shareen

r3dr0ck3r's picture

We are looking for 4 dinner tix for the 13th. email me if you want to sell your tickets.

Trey's picture

Anyone heard any rumors on who may be surprise guest at bday this year?

Trey's picture

We are all headed from Oklahoma on Thurs morn! Going fishing all day on Gladiator, Friday, then Sammy Sat night!! What a trip!!!

Marty in Truckee's picture

I was at Sammy's 55 bash. In 2008 waited in line and could not get tickets. Leaving tomorrow for Cabo. Does anyone have 2 for the 11th or 13th?

ekrushforth's picture

Does anyone by chance have 2-3 tickets for any of the shows? If so, we'll take for a very good price.
Thanks, Elizabeth.

ktanton's picture

No go for me in second chance round tickets....Still hoping for a ticket for the 13th if ANY one has a +1...please email or find me in Cabo..headed down South where the Big Blue Agave grow at 5 AM....YOOOHOOOO

See you guys FDIC and cant wait!!!

katherine in austin

princessdebbiea's picture

Gonna be in Cabo for my 1st time Oct.13-20, would love to get tickets to the concert if anyone has extra?! Please email me if you do. Thanks, Debbie.

princessdebbiea's picture

Hey Mike, Do you still have the tickets for the 13th show? Please email me Thanks, Debbie.

dandrocky's picture

No such luck here...3 different couples in different locations none of us were so lucky!

Bassman1013's picture

Does anyone have an extra ticket?

Steve1014's picture

Second chance came through!! I'm in!! Thanks to Sammy and the crew for taking the steps to get these tickets released.

Bassman1013's picture

Hey all, I am so bummed I was not able to get a ticket to any of the shows. My bday is OCt 13th and I planned a vacation to celebrate at the event. If anyone has an EXTRA ticket they can't use PLEASE hit me up at jmarty316@msn. Thanks and have a ROCKIN time!

Norine Holder's picture

That's Awesome you live in Cabo~~~ Lucky you Im from Detroit and ill be in Line to its my B-Day 10~13 Good luck to you on them Tickets!!

ktanton's picture

Any word on the re-draw for tickets??? 5 days and counting till my first Trip to Cabo - sooo excited - still looking for 1 ticket to either the 11th and or the 13th shows...Please email me if you happen to be lucky enough to have 1 extra ticket to either show..

Cabo here we come!!

Katherine in Austin's picture


We are in need of 2 tix for October 13. We are heading down from all over to celebrate Sammy's 65 and to celebrate my bachelor party. That's right Bachelor Party- Sammy Style. We need 2 tix for October 13. Willing to pay $$$ for them. Contact Kevin:

lecroy's picture

Please! Please! Please! Give me a second chance to get tickets!

two4ruff's picture

I'll be there from the 8th to the 14th but sadly no luck on the ticket draw. If anyone has tickets to sell please contact me.

Hoseclamp's picture

So I take it those who didn't do initial registration for tickets are SOL on the refunded ticket draw? Anyone have any insight on what the dinner ticket chaos will be like, looks like my only option now, how do we prepare for this?

AK90SS's picture

GOnna be in Cabo on the 13th. Crossing my fingers for tickets!

BDF's picture

Hey Red Rockers! Looking for two tix $100 cash each to any show Oct 11 or 13...Thanks email - Oregon fan.....

two4ruff's picture

Will be there the 9th,11th and 13th. Need 2 tickets e-mail me @ Thanks

Hoseclamp's picture

Well it looks like I can't register for the re draw. I have cash though for the dinner tickets. I will pay $500 each ticket for the 9th, $750 each for the 11th and a grand for the 13th.
We will be there on the 8th-15th, I don't know how the dinner ticket line ups will be so I will bring cash. Lots of it for those who would be interested to sell.

Kelley12's picture

Four of us girls bought hotel and airfare just for the concert and none of us won any tickets in the lottery. Really bummed! Can you still camp out and try to get tickets? Not the plans we had for the vacation, but we want to celebrate your birthday with you.

supersteve's picture

I will be in Cabo from the 10th thru the 16th, need two tickets!!!Booked my trip in January, had my head up my ass and didn't pay attention to the drawing. Steve's picture

Fellow Redheads,

I am headed to Cabo to celebrate Sammy's bday and my Bachelor Party! That's right Bachelor Party Sammy Style. We need two more tix for the show on the 13th. We are willing to pay. If you have 2 tix please contact Kevin:

Thank you!

Kevin's picture

Need 2 more tix! Headed to Cabo to celebrate my Bachelor Party...That's right Bachelor Party Sammy Style! Need 2 more tix. Will pay for them. Please contact Kevin if you have 2 tix:
Thank you!

Hoseclamp's picture

Awesome! Can't find any registering option to get tickets though.

mikepeek's picture

Wow! This is great. We have 8 tickets and only needed 2 and did not know what to do. Hated to see others not get to go. Do you know how we do the refund?


Harleymomma08's picture

Hey Mike the RR is giving everyone a 1 time chance to refund any tickets that can't be used.


cabowabodunc's picture

HI. i'm in cabo from 7th to the 14th but didn't get tickets...
gutted.. i'm travelling all the way from the uk.. does anyone have a spare or need a guest any night!? cost not an issue!!
let me know PLEASE

mikepeek's picture

Fellow Rockers...

We have two tickets to the show on the 13th that we cannot use as we are leaving on the morning of the 10th so we cannot use them. More than willing to sell. Have confirmation numbers, etc.

Every year we have went we have had to provide I.D. when we picked the wrist bands up.

If you can figure out how to 'transfer' these, shoot me an email and we will work out the details.

I travel a lot and often cannot respond to emails for 10-15 hours but will respond.


Hoseclamp's picture

Do you still have these, I'd be more than happy to pay well for them!

Hoseclamp's picture

I will pay substantial amount for two tickets on the 13th, more for dinner tickets also on the 13th. Please contact me ASAP!! Email is

Hoseclamp's picture

Email sent!!!

brittg2's picture

I need 2 tickets to either Thursday 10/11 and/or Saturday 10/13. IF ANYONE has tickets that they don't need please email me and I will purchase them! Thanks Red Heads!!

cabowabocouple's picture

We have been to the Birthday Bash several times. Moved to Cabo in January to be here full time. This year, not able to get a ticket. I can't believe we live right here. We are at the Cabo Wabo every week and cannot get a ticket, in our own backyard! We will be in line for dinner tickets but am not confident. Last year they sold out very quickly.

swanzyda1's picture

If anyone has tickets to the show on the 13th please contact me. I will be in Cabo that week and I really want to and the rest of the planet I know but nothing ventured nothing gained

swanzyda1's picture

Will be in Cabo from 11 October to the 16th. If anyone has tickets they can't use or Wouk like to sell please contact me through this site. Thanks

r3dr0ck3r's picture

If anyone is selling their tickets we are looking for 4 but will take 2 for the 13th. Email us @

kenny7's picture

I have tried for 4 years to get tickets for Cabo Birthday bash, for my husband Isat at my computer all day trying and didnt win shit!!! We Won!!! I Love the way it was done this year! Cabo tickets are booked!

redrocker327's picture

I am looking for anyone who might have a ticket to spare two would be nice so my wife could attend as well. I would be willing to pay $75 for a regular ticket and $110 for dinner one. I understand the dinner ones have not gone on sale yet but just getting this out there. If you can help out please e-mail at