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July 14, 2013 by jregenold

Going to Cabo this year for the Birthday Bash and need 4 tickets .... how does this work for tickets ! Any input would be helpful ! Thanks !

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Thank you for your reply that was very helpful ..... We are booked as well tickets or no tickets hopefully we get tickets .... Thanks again !

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An announcement will be made in the next week or two. There will be a window of time towards the end of the month, that you will be able to register for the ticket drawing. You cannot sell tickets. If you win 2 tickets in the drawing, you have to show up pre-concert at the cantina, with the credit card, and ID, and they put a bracelet on you, and your guest...that takes the ticket brokers out of the deal. Last year they did a second chance drawing, so that if you won tickets and could not make it, you could throw them back in the kitty, and some people got them on the second try. We are booked tickets or no tickets. We love Cabo, and no matter what it is a win. They still do sell dinner tickets at the cantina...but you better get in line really early.