Past Event

Oct 13 2012
Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash!


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 09:30PM.

The registration for Birthday Bash tickets was fast and furious (and happily free of any technical issues) and the random drawing has now completed!

If you were selected, you will have received an email confirmation. You may also check the status of your registration by visiting: Remember that you pick up your tickets at the club starting at 2pm the day of your show. Come early in the day to avoid long lines!

Thanks to all Redheads for your support and please stay in touch at for news and reports from the Bash. We wish we could fit everyone in the club, but there just isn't room!

Note: If you are planning on being in Cabo during the shows anyways, the only other tickets that will be available are extremely limited dinner ticket packages that will be sold first come, first served only from the venue on the following dates:
Noon on October 6th for the Shows on the 7th and 9th
Noon on October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th


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133 Redhead Comments

chester's picture

Hi Management,
My name is Kat. I have a VERY <3 Special request, not for myself as much as for my BFF. Her name is Leslie and she is a BIG Fan:) Leslie has Stage 4 Cancer. Attending the Cabo Birthday concert is one of her "Bucket List Wishes" To go to Cabo and see Sammy would be a dream come true. Les worked in Radio for many years and has always been a an admirer of The Red Rocker.
I have already lined up a room and airfare. The only help I would need to fulfill this specail wish for my dear friend would be the ability to purchase 4 tickets for Les, myself and our husbands to attend a show the week of the 10-17th of Oct.
Is there anyway we could make this happen for Leslie, or if you would like any photos or additional info?
Best Regards,

cindytin's picture

Sammy Hagar is the best! My birthday is Oct 13th. I am a travel agent and am going to try to make the birthday bash for him while celebrating mine. Can you help me out with tickets by any chance? I would LOVE to be able to come back and tell everyone about what an awesome time it was going to Sammy's birthday party!! I try to sell as much Cabo as possible and that would just help me sell even more!!!
my email is
my name is Cindy! I will keep watching for any response.
Love you Sammy!!!!!

izzyzuni's picture

Can't wait to celebrate your birthday! Mine's the 24th so I'll be celebrating mine early with you! Just need TICKETS!

izzyzuni's picture

I'm still waiting to hear on ticket sales as well. My boyfriend and I are headed down there the 13th through the 20th and we can't wait!

hdangel's picture

I read an article about the birthday bash last year , we were there but couldnt get tickets. Found out later that they opened up on the street and jammed outside in front of the cantina. Is it possible it will happen like that again this year??? Dont want to miss out two years in a row.

msdemeanor604's picture gf and i will be arriving in Cabo on Oct.11th and would like more than anything to be able to attend the Cabo Wabo event but have no idea when or where tickets are being released. Does anyone have any information?

glenn1205's picture

Where is all the TEXAS peopleat???? Time to get this party ready to roll!!

Nixhawg's picture

how did you get tics for the show. I want some

jkdickinson's picture

Same here,just waiting for the ticket info. see ya there

diggyd's picture

110 days to Cabo!!! :-)

JLiescheidt's picture

Any one know when tickets go on sale for Sammy's B-Day bash!

glenn1205's picture


caribbeanqueen's picture

Our 20TH too :) awesome.......Isn't It ! We are at the RIU Santa FE. Congrats to our fellow 20TH anniversary redheads !!

glenn1205's picture

Me and my wonderful wife will celebrating our 1st year of marriage together and cannot wait till the tickets
go on sale!!

vthomasruth's picture

How do I get tickets? Please don't tell me I missed out!

roryc059's picture

The big "65" Sammy! I'm going to be there celebrating with you....

kelliwayne's picture

Has anyone every purchased airline tickets only to find out that you weren't able get tickets to the show? That would be a big bummer!

Marchese89's picture

How do I get tickets to the birthday bash 2012 for the October 13 show.

lisa lott's picture

Sammy, and Event Management: My birthday is October 13, 1965, & I am going to Cabo to celebrate "OUR" Birthdays" this year. I have already purchased my air/hotel package through the 'REDHEADS' website, from: Crystal & Clear Travel Agency/ Sacramento, Ca. While booking the event,'Becky' informed me that purchase of tickets for the "Cabo-B.B." will be in the usual manner,AND for those who SHARE the same BIRTHDATE as YOU, could get 'FREE'-ADMISSION TO THE "BASH". ......... IF I/they CONTACT YOU/MANAGEMENT via REDROCKER.COM/REDHEADS website,& 'POST a COMMENT' saying, . . . "HEY, SAMMY"--- My BIRTHDAY is on OCTOBER 13(1965),'I AM GOING TO BE IN CABO, FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY-BASH EVENTS THIS YEAR,and THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT I COULD 'EVER' GET, IS----TO CELEBRATE TOGETHER @ THE CANTINA/FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY-BASH WITH YOU,AND ALL THE OTHER REDHEADS THERE THAT ALSO SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDATE AS OURS!! Is Becky CORRECT???? I REALLY, REALLY HOPE SO!!!!!!!! M. Lisa Lott

tookiee2's picture

Isn't it October yet??????

roberto780's picture

I'm checking the news section of the site every couple of days, just waiting for the on sale was July or August last year that they went on sale, but I don't remember when the announcement was made..

David Wilmot's picture

I've been planning this for 5 yrs, it's going to be friggin awesome!!!

rosiechapa's picture

me and my husband are there all week.please anybody let us know when tickets go on sale?

my5angels's picture

I am coming to Cabo just to GO!!!!

Super One 67's picture

Need tix to any one of the 4 parties.

Nixhawg's picture

Me and my boyfriend are getting married and already have are timeshare booked for the week for our honey moon. We need tics to this show. Any info on how to get them. FYI... me and sammy have the same birthday...oct 13th whooohooo. libras rock.

cmorante71's picture

My wife and I just booked our hotel for the week. It'll be our 20th anniversary. Can't wait!!

andrews5's picture

When can we buy tickets

andrews5's picture

When do tickets go on sale ??? We are going for our 30th wedding anv.

andrews5's picture

We are going to Cabo in Oct. for our 30th wedding anv. and can not wait to see Sammy !! When do the tickets go on SALE ??

Fireweed221's picture

Let the planning begin!!! Woohoo!

PenguinDawn's picture

Can't waiting!!!