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althea brandis
June 17, 2012
bothell, wa
January 6

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Jun 17, 2012
Small Sammy World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happen to be in Cabo when Sammy played with Andrew Zimmerman on stage..AWESOME!! My fiance' has only a few things on his bucket list and seeing Sammy at Cabo Wabo was one of them and he did. I am 6"1' tall with a lot of hair..and maybe was easy to spot in the crowd as back home in Washington was wine tasting in LAke Chelan over Memorial Day. The woman pouring my wine asked if I was in Cabo in April..said yes..she asked if I was in Cabo Wabo...said yes..asked if I had a flower in my hair and was there the night Sammy was there w/Andrew..said yes.

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