Photos from Birthday Bash 2012

October 13, 2012 by sammyhagar
Photos from Birthday Bash 2012
The cast of characters from Night 3 of the bash! Wabos, Michael Anthony, Denny Carmassi, Jerry Cantrell, Billy Duffy, Matt Sorum
More images are available below.

Man, this is hand's down the best birthday bash yet! Hangin' at the beach with my family and friends, then my buddy Emeril cooked us an amazing dinner and we all headed to the Cabo Wabo where Kenny Chesney brought the whole band down and tore it up for 3 hours! The fans were so off the hook I just had to hit the stage and jam on a couple songs with Kenny -- and we even got Emeril on stage with us to sing back up on "I Can't Drive 55".

I'm 65 today and RIGHT NOW - it doesn't get much better than this! Gettin' old ain't so bad but growin up's a bitch - ha! See ya next year - Sammy

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Photos from Birthday Bash 2012
Birthday Bash 2012: Special Kenny Chesney night with guest Emeril Lagasse!
Photos from Birthday Bash 2012
Michael Anthony and Billy Duffy from the Cult are in the house!!!
Photos from Birthday Bash 2012
Cooking up some great food with Emeril, chef Chris Wilson, and winemaker Bob Cabral for our annual fundraiser for Emeril's Carni
Photos from Birthday Bash 2012
Look, Redheads!
Photos from Birthday Bash 2012

 11 Redhead Comments

tonylombardi's picture

Hey I know those guys! Looks like great fun!
Cheers Chris, Bob and Emeril ... and of course Sammy!

Rock on!


poundcake's picture

Happy 65th, Sammy! Wish I could have been there. Keep rocking! xoxo

mj8ball1's picture

It was the best Birthday Bash Ever!!! A great tribute to Sherry and then you starting the show with your Birthday Song!!! I have been waiting a long time to see you play 10/13 on your birthday at the Cabo Wabo!!!! Thanks Sammy for being you!!!

turtlerock's picture

Hey ya'll.
Gary, Jackie, Ernie and I made it to the Tuesday night show thanks to Judy our singer's wife. She gave me her ticket. We were part of the crowd that was in what's known as "The Corral". (Upper Stage Left)Good job Sammy.
Thanks again to the Cabo Uno Band for letting me and Ernie jam on some Doors music on Monday & Wednesday night. It always goes over well down there. There's just something about the Doors' music and Southern California Sur that can't be compared.
Thanks to Sammy, The Cantina and especially the people from everywhere who all go and make it a truly memorable experience. Happy B-day Sammy.
Through The Doors

brendaSTL's picture

Just wanted to say what an amazing job Murray did with the video tribute for Sherry. It brought me, and many I'm sure, to tears.

Way to go Murray - ya did us REDheads and Sherry proud.

prissguerrero's picture

Oh, man, you are the best! A great inspiration to me!

cabowaborat's picture

Happy Birthday Sammy!!!

paulk050's picture

Happy birthday to us!!!! Great time as usual. We will be back again next year. Hope u keep it in Cabo.

KLRed's picture

Happy 65th Birthday, Sammy! Thank you for bringing the live web cast to all of us at home. I hope you enjoyed a fantastic week with family and friends. Can't wait till you bring the show to STL next year. Kristy-STL

onemorshow's picture

Just wanted to wish you Happy 10/13. Thank you and the crew for the live web cast for all us Redheads around the world that could not be there.

Tomigriffin's picture

Got home from Cabo in time to catch the live webcam show!!!! I didn't get to see him while we were there but dropped off the screenplay and stageplay for him. The very adorable security guard with the mohawk promised to deliver the scripts personally. We're sining happy birthday dear Samuel with Emeril now!!! Happy happy joy joy Sammy Hagar!!!!